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    I really love the feeling of wearing a diaper and using it at times. I want to explore further and I have asked my husband in a playing way if he would chane my diaper. He kind of laughed it off. I'm not sure if he is put off by the idea or just uncomfortable. I really would like him to, I'm just not sure how to approach it or hard to push. Any suggestions?

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    Sounds to me like he's feeling more awkward or embarrassed about it. He's probably not sure why you'd want him to do it. I know you said you'd mentioned playful, perhaps you need to push the nurturing aspect....though depending on the sort of guy he is, he may not find that natural.
    Good luck and keep talking to him.

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    I would ask him again. Keep the conversation light-hearted and make sure to tell him that if he declines, it's ok. We do not know your husband and therefore cannot judge whether he is uncomfortable or thought it was a joke. You will have to make that determination. Just remember, if he is uncomfortable with changing you and then drop the subject.

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    Thanks! This is really helpful. I am really glad to have found this site. Glad to know there are others!

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    I think the one constant in relationships is that communication is key*. I'd ask him again, and whilst I agree with BabyDenise's suggestion to raise the idea in a light-hearted way, it's also important to make it clear that this is an activity where you want to feel a genuine enjoyment and intimacy, and not for a joke or 'just for the hell of it'. Otherwise there's a chance that it'll cause tensions if he sees it as a bit of silly fun, when to you, it might be an intimate and nurturing experience (which the vast majority of DLs seem to see diaper changing as).

    If he doesn't want to do it, it's disappointing, but I think if he says no again this time - give it a cooling off period. It's more likely your husband would come around to the idea and approach it happily if he doesn't feel he's under pressure to do this. Anyway, best of luck Soosieque.

    *says the hypocrite who likes to babble incoherently to his girlfriend when in AB mode.

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    Great advice Sir! That's exactly what it is for me and you put it into words perfectly.

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    I meet a girl on the net and she was full time baby. Loved being diapered and bottle feedings. We compromised on things as to who would be babied first etc. worked out very well. Just express your feelings to him and let him know what you seek. He will love the taking care of you and you listen to his needs also. You might even surprise him with a short baby doll and cute panties. There are many options on line and in stores. Use your imagination and maybe one day or night switch it up. Nice panties then diaper next night then cloth with diaper pins then disposal diapers and then try to your liking. Take small steps then go for bigger ones.

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    I understand where your wants come from. I would love to be changed. While I look at the ceiling sucking on my pacifier. As they say silly things like "awe baby is so wet. Good thing I'm changing the diapey so you don't get a rash."

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    Quote Originally Posted by PattyIce View Post
    I understand where your wants come from. I would love to be changed. While I look at the ceiling sucking on my pacifier. As they say silly things like "awe baby is so wet. Good thing I'm changing the diapey so you don't get a rash."
    Patty, that sounds like tons of fun.

    As for you, Soosieque (nice name btw) you probably want to let him know that you are serious about wanting him to change your diaper as well as able to understand if he doesn't want to. It can be a challenge and I'm not very good with interpersonal relationships, so I can't really give any more advice than that.

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