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Thread: Rearz in Kitchener

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    Default Rearz in Kitchener

    I was in town yesterday, figured "what the heck," and visited Rearz for the first time. It's awesome. From a DL perspective it had everything. I left with their last bag of Tena Slip Maxis, a sample pack of Tranquilitys, and a free...uh, something, which the woman said was the hottest new adult diaper on the market. I mentioned in another thread that I had my first-ever honest-to-goodness conversation about diapers yesterday, and I think that's part of the reason I liked the store so much: the people there know the community, and I was even invited to a meet-up later this month (I can't make it). Moreover, their diaper supply is incredible. They're a bit pricier, yeah, but you're paying for the service too. for those who aren't familiar. Make sure you go to the right location!

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    That is really cool. I have always wanted to be able to walk in to a store front that was ABDL aware and be able to view different products. If I am ever in that area, I will definitely goo the extra few miles and stop by.

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    And to think all the times I drove through Kitchner on my way to Lake Harris, there was an ABDL store.....sigh.

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    Ugh, why must it be on the other side of the country. I'm incredibly jealous, the diaper selection they keep in stock sounds wonderful...

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    It is - and it's expensive, yeah, but I was happy to pay a bit extra for an actual face-to-face talk about the ABDL lifestyle. Actually, the lady - not the owner - is the only person I've talked to face-to-face about wearing diapers. It was incredibly liberating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hti24 View Post for those who aren't familiar. Make sure you go to the right location!
    They have some great sales. I bought tons of stuff there and they even included a free gift. It was a nice surprise checking out that the exchange rate with the USA means I got a nice discount taken off by Paypal. I got a onesie for $9 and tons of plastic pants and some cloth diapers. The cloth hold 5-7 cups each and were about $13 before shipping. I think I ordered Sunday and they get here next Saturday.

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    I've got a couple of Rearz cloth diapers. Those in the US should know that, if you're looking for prefold cloth diapers, the ones sold by Rearz and the ones sold by Changing Times in the US are identical except for the thread color. Rearz has some interesting alternatives, though. I have a couple of their "Super Snap" cloth diapers. One had a manufacturing defect that only presented itself upon washing, but that wasn't really the fault of Rearz.

    It's been interesting to watch Rearz evolve into an AB/DL store. When I stumbled upon their site a couple of years ago, they were mostly a baby diaper business with a handful of purely-practical adult diapering choices. You wouldn't know that to look at them now!

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    you are so lucky. I wish there was a store in my area. Some times its hard to get the right size on products because they are so different between manufacturers.

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    I purchased from Rearz last weekend and my order came yesterday. Tonight i put in a second order so I could have ten pairs of what I need.
    5 x Terry Pant BOTTOM HALF LINED WITH VINYL $3 each
    *These are comfortable over disposables with the vinyl facing out. The terry is very thin so I do not recommend them with the vinyl in unless you hardly ever leak at all.
    1 x Bear Night Lamp $1
    *She takes 2AA batteries, but never did light up as designed.
    1 x Adult Onesie Pink $9
    This is great for discreteness since the top looks like a nice shirt. The color has a hint of peach.
    10 x Super Snap - Seconds $13 each
    * These are white with orange snaps and thread. I did not like the color, but I love the adjustable fit. One weighed 2 lbs after soaking it. It adjusts to about ten different sizes.
    10 x RearZ Prefold Singles 12*16" 4-8-4 $1 each
    These. Would never fit an adult but make great boosters for stuffing any diaper you want to put cloth in for added capacity or if you like that feel. They are not super soft, but are comfortable to me.
    1 x Diaper Pins 2 1/8" (2) Purple $1 per pair
    They look more pink than purple. They work just like the ones I used when I was a baby.
    1 x Diaper Pins 54mm (8) $2
    I bought an 8 pack that has not come yet.
    4 x Gingham Plastic Pants $1 each
    *Theses are thin and I have not really tried them. They seem on the cheap side but worth it if you want cloth on the outside of a cover.
    4 x Summer Pant - Clowns $1 each
    *I have not tried these either. They are also thin and cheap with only about 3 inches cloth at the top.
    10 x Alpha Pant Transparent $1 each
    *These were thicker plastic and the elastic was encased. They also seem to fit better than all the others. I ordered these again. These are what I recommend if you want a clear cover or just one with good non-wicking elastic that seems like it will last a long time. The price can't be beat.
    2 x Small Economy pant $1.50 each
    These were thin and cheap and leaked when I used them. I would not recommend at all.
    1 x Superio Briefs - Sample $0
    *I did not test this yet but everyone loves a free sample to add on to an order, right?
    1 x Homecare Vinyl Bib $1
    * This is a big clear bib with pink trim and ties. I have not seen it yet.
    1 x Long Homecare Vinyl Adult Bib Pink $1
    This is the same as above only longer.

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    a store that sells AB/DL supplies....O.o thats an actual place irl? O30

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