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Thread: Postulant or is it challenge ?

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    Default Postulant or is it challenge ?

    Query, maybe but challenge fits better in this case.

    A Challenge; Is there a symbol to represent us Cubs/BabyFurs?
    Lacking an positive answer; What would be a good symbol that represents us as Furry and cubs?

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    There's a website that sells shirts with a babyfur ''logo'' that appears to be the one used by the Babyfurs United group on FurAffinity: There's a similar shirt design without the BFU lettering as well. Otherwise I don't think there's any official logo.

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    I'm not a proponent of pride symbols or buttons, but I think in this case, the de facto symbol has become a relevant Marci badge.

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    a babyfur symbol could be a paw print in either a puddle or a little pile of poop.

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