View Poll Results: Do you like to be 'Active' as a little?

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  • Not really. I prefer lying down and getting comfy.

    4 12.50%
  • A bit. I like playing with my toys, but that's mostly it.

    19 59.38%
  • I like getting to run around or play with a ball, but I sometimes prefer more relaxed activities.

    8 25.00%
  • Very active! I love anything where I can race about, play in the garden and tire myself out!

    1 3.13%
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Thread: Are you an 'Active' little?

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    Default Are you an 'Active' little?

    I've seen several examples on ADISC where posters have said that being an infant is a dull stage to identify at, as the mobility is fairly limited. I actually find doing physically relaxing AB activities more enjoyable than things like running around and kicking a ball. So I thought it would be interesting to see how many active, boisterous littles we had here, and how many who prefer to lie down with a plushie and wriggle about, or simply enjoy the soft, relaxing fabrics of a touch-and-feel book - and how many tended to be somewhere in the middle.

    Note: The final option is supposed to say 'tire myself out'. Apologies for the typo. I don't know that I can edit polls myself, so I'd be very grateful to any mod who can fix the spelling error. Thanks.

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    im a bit in the middle myself. I love quite relaxing snuggly activities and being able to snuggle up with daddy/big brother is something that i enjoy doing. At the same time i would like to be able to do some semi-active things. I think being able to go out and play and do some outdoor activities would be nice. So i like to do things on both ends of the spectrum really. Depends a lot on the mood too. Especially after coming home from a long day there is nothing i like more then wanting a nice snuggle.

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    I'm more of a calm and quiet little one. I prefer napping, watching cartoons and being cuddled than being all hyperactive... put that way, it sounds like if I'm lazy xD

    I think it's mostly because me being abdl is more a relaxing time for me. Perfect timing for it would be a rainy sunday afternoon (I'm wasting my time, I got nothing to do etc.).

    Plus the fact that I like bulky diapers and it's not that easy to move around in diapers like these.

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    I'm more of the type to sit around, either on the floor or on the couch, watching t.v. or playing a video game during that special time. So, there's very little activity, but still some activity.

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    Yep, same as Clandestine for me. Nothing beats padding up and just sitting down and chilling with a game or something to watch. I much prefer to just relax when padded rather than be actively moving around and doing stuff.

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    If given the space and the toys I would go nuts. I love the idea of playing anywhere and everywhere. I didn't get to do this much as a child.

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    "We see them come, we see them go. Some are fast, and some are slow."

    --Dr. Suess (One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish)

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    I like to run around and play but also have periods of downtime. I wasn't that active as a kid and sort of feel the need to make up for it now.

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    Every now and then I'll run around, but I'm more of a snugly little who sleeps a lot, because personally being little is exhausting it takes a lot of energy to maintain that constant sense of child like wonder and then play on top of that. Not that I don't enjoy it it's just really tiring.

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    In practice, I tend to prefer quiet activities like cuddling, colouring, playing video games or reading books. I also find myself more likely to regress when I'm tired, so sleeping often ends up being an activity! However, part of this is for practical reasons. If I was able, I'd love to play on the playground, walk through the forests, and swim. Unfortunately, as an LG who doesn't really look the part, I couldn't really get away with this! So I tend to be more of a quiet little, but I'd love it if I could be more active.

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