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Thread: Reusable Double Diapering (Cloth/Training Pants/Other)?

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    Default Reusable Double Diapering (Cloth/Training Pants/Other)?

    Last week I tried out double diapering and I loved it. Just the sensation of having more bulk was a wonderful feeling, and I'd like to do it again. The one thing I didn't like was the cost. I just can't afford to be going through multiple diapers every single time I wear. I already wear boosters for extra absorbency, and doubling up with disposable doesn't make much sense for me.

    I was looking at some of the adult training pants, but an earlier thread made the case that underwear and diapers have a different shape, so while they would be thicker, they wouldn't be more absorbent. I also looked at an AIO Cloth diaper, but I've heard that they take a while to wash/dry, and I do not have a washer/dryer in my home. There are Waddler diapers, but they seem like they'd be even worse to wash than AIO diapers and they don't seem very absorbent. I know I could just go straight cloth as well, but I'm not sure how bulky a layer of cloth would be, and I don't want to spend $30 to find out that it isn't exactly what I want.

    I was wondering if anybody has any experience with adding bulk using cloth diapers or training pants or something like that? I'd like something reusable, something that I can wash, and something that absorbs any light leakage. Does anybody have any ideas on what would be my best option?

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    You can stuff plastic diapers if you want the bulkiness. I'm not sure about cloth.

    Adding bulk to diapers is easy but a little bit of science involve.

    -Buy some baby diapers.
    -Get your adult diaper
    -Trim a small crease line in the adult diaper
    -cut your baby diaper to only the cotton part (Or the padded area)
    -Cut off all the plastic around it (Leave a small thin layer of plastic so the cotton does not fall out.)
    -Shove it inside the adult diaper
    -Pretty much, tape the cut piece in the adult diaper (Diaper tape might be suited for this)
    -There ya go, added more bulk. Will be very big and might give you a tough time on walking.

    Best diapers for these are like: Abena M4's, Dry 24/7's, and Absorbency Plus.

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    I wear 2 layers of gauze diapers (when I wear cloth) in the daytime and 4 layers at night. Very absorbent and easy to change and wash. Because they are separate layers there is no problem drying them either.

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    Stuffing cloth diapers is easy.

    Step 1: Get cloth diaper.

    Step 2: Add more cloth.

    Step 3: Wear diaper.

    Of course, there are all sorts of cloth diapers-flat squares, prefolds, AIOs, etc.. You could try it with something like a couple of towels that you can wash afterward. That'll at least give you an idea of whether cloth can do what you want it to do vis-a-vis bulk.

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    Just go to a fabric store, and get some cotton material, or gauze if they have it, and make your own, if you have a sewing machine, or access to one, Custom fit to size, and layer as thick as you want it, easy solution.

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    The best thing about cloth diapers is that you won't waste money. You can wash and reuse hundreds of times. Another thing is that they don't clump up. I have a set of cloth diapers, they aren't AIO, they are pre-fold. It's a small stash but it's pretty effective. I have one adult pre-fold, and a dozen baby pre-folds that I stuff it with. I also have some inserts from an AIO that I purchased. When I feel the need for super thick, I also stuff a bath towel in to it. This combination does well and has lasted me 2 years. I still have disposables because I still love those, but, double diapering, booster pads can get real expensive. I don't "use" the cloth diaper a lot. I usually wear a disposable underneath. Pre-folds are a lot easier to launder than AIOs. They are cleaned better and dry faster, and the fabric will outlast the waterproof barrier.

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    Over night I often wear two double layer terry toweling pull ups (4 layers in total) with good plastic pants over the top. I can easily add another layer of cloth or two if needed. For daytime use if you want you could just use one double layer pull up terry toweling pull up with the plastic pants over the top (if that is isnough absorbancy for you). Easy to wash and they air dry in about 24 hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by profio View Post

    I was wondering if anybody has any experience with adding bulk using cloth diapers or training pants or something like that? I'd like something reusable, something that I can wash, and something that absorbs any light leakage. Does anybody have any ideas on what would be my best option?
    i gave up on bulking-up dispies a long time ago as the process invalidates one of the design successes of the modern disposable: inner cuffs.
    nowadays, and since i wear mostly traditional nappies, i add bulk/padding with the new type microfibre-fleece/foam sandwich towels and mats. these are readily and cheaply available from any homewares or bargain-bucket shop.
    while they add bulk and some degree of extra absorbancy, their real plus in their lightness of weight; they also work as quick-dry/one-way liners, reducing the chance of leaking due to flooding, and aid in wicking and dispersing, during flow and during compression of the sodden cloth (so, no wee squirting out when you sit down).

    the products concerned are available as 'drip-towels' and bath-mats (two types, there: with or without waterproof/slip-resistant backing).

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    I've used a cloth diaper over disposables for a while now. Added bulk and the cloth has some cute prints too. If I were you I would look into buying a quality thick cloth diaper and maybe some boosters too and wear it over your disposable. I'm a bigger guy and I'll wear a dry 24/7 or an abu cushie, both with a disposable Booster and I put a cloth diaper on over it. It's thick and I waddle.

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    I've been wearing XL Goodnites under my cloth diapers as they take a lot of the liquid, and greatly cut down on the smell, something my wife appreciates. Needless to say, the combination becomes quite bulky was the diaper gets used.

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