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Thread: talking to your doctor about you and diapers

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    Default talking to your doctor about you and diapers

    I have an annual wellness check up in a few days,and I have decided that I need to wear diapers every night so I can get my rest.the dr. has me on water pills,pills for my heart,blood pressure,diabetes.I having to get up to the bathroom 4 times every night to my sleep is interrupted.i loike wearing my diapers anyway and its no inconvience.diapers are comfortable and diaper laundry isn't a problem to me,and I don't ask my wife to do these chores forme,I do it my self.problem is I never told my physican about this or my diapers.i don't want him to take my water pills away,or change anything.just want this to be a matter of my medical records,that I need diapers when i'm a sleep,in case I go to the hospital relly sick sometime.should I tell my dr. this or keep it to my self?my wife and psychologist are the only ones who know.

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    I agree with CPDude.

    Tell your doctor the truth about why you need to wear at night and that you want him (or her) to note that in your medical records.

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    If you think it's medically relevant go for it. However you should mention that wearing doesn't bother you. That you'd rather wear diapers then be taken off water pills. Though, maybe he'll suggest some form of bladder control meds or something too.

    so at worst nothing coes of it, at best you might be prescribed bladder control meds or diapers. Though the later wouldn't be anything like dry 24/7, bambino, abena, etc I bet.

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    Talking to your Doctor sounds like a good call, especially as the current situation is causing you to have a poor quality of sleep. Bladder issues are incredibly common, so there's really nothing to worry about - I'm sure your Doctor will also understand that you don't mind wearing diapers. They're comfy and mean you don't have to worry about wetting the bed if you can't/don't want to get up to use the bathroom yet again.

    You certainly don't need to make clear that you're a DL (although Doctors are generally very understanding and discreet, even about things like ABDL). It's sufficient just to say that you'd feel uncomfortable without the safety net of your diapers and have grown to find them cosy and a reassurance.

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    Tell him about it and explain our situation. Also good luck on your exam.

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    Yay, an easy one. Do as all these fine posters suggest and tell him. Also tell him your reaction to any course of treatment he suggests and feel free to share that you have a psychologist if he doesn't know that info already and you'd like him to know it.

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    If you are still unsure, you could ask your psychologist how to tell your physician. Your physician needs to know what the medications are doing to you. A few years ago I had to have my medications changed because one was causing me to cough a lot. When the medicine was changed, the unwanted side effects went away. As far as telling my physician goes, I have not visited my physician since surgery when not wearing protection, sometimes heavy, sometimes light.

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    Telling my doctor for the first time was hard. I had been wearing diapers at night for bed wetting since the age of 13, and was 21 when I got the guts to tell my doctor for the first time. It was actually my AB Mommy who told me my doctor should know and that she would go with me for support. In the end I just couldn't tell him and my Mommy asked me if I would feel better if she explained it to him and I did. So she told him for me. He told me I had nothing to be embarrassed about and that he was glad to know about it but did want to send me for some tests which I was fine with. But as some people pointed out, I was suggested a cathater and meds for it. But I explained to the doctor diapers did the job just fine for me and had no side effects. The doctor said if I was happy using diapers then he had no issue with it either. So my suggestion is to take your wife for support when you tell your doctor. Hope that helps.

    -Baby Stanley

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    If you're on water pills for other medical conditions and it helps you get solid rest, I don't see why the doctor would have any issue with it. I'm sure he'll understand.

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