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    We all have our real age, which for me is 34, and then we have our regressed age. For me, my regressed age is anywhere from newborn to a 3-5 year old toddler. That's what I love about living this lifestyle. I don't necessarily have to pick an age and stick with it. I can fluctuate.

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    Hitting the half century in a months time.
    Not quite a little when I wear, I prefer to be a man forced to behave like a baby by a strong but maternal woman. Anything babyish including wetting is done on a request

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    Anyone can act babyish not really caring what your real age is. The only rule people must live by is "grow up" or "don't be immature" but when we get mad at work or throw a fit because someone got the last item in the store, we are considered being immature. I'm 19 but my little age is 2-years so of course I DO act immature from time to time. Just have fun right? Yep, that's the good and the life in all of us. So of course you can pick your age but most AB/DL's have a set age and they either age on their own for like a real life span, or they stick it because they might be afraid to grow up. I mostly switch on ADISC age where I am 5 months old to virtual 2 years old when I am really 19. (Not lying about age, I sometimes can't make up my mind :p) I definitely see how you skip your age-wise around but be careful or you might get confused in the looooong run ^^

    Ya know you can act little if it doesn't involve wetting right? I play with my toy planes while not padded and I feel little in my imagination and my virtual world :p You shouldn't force it, you should let it flow around/over inside your body. You sure definitely have fun thou I bet Forced!

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    One of the best things about being an AB is being able to fluctuate between a range of ages, and even more so, to incorporate activities/behaviours usually performed at a variety of different 'little' ages together. That way you can do your favourite bits of different baby/little stages all at once. I generally identify at about 18 months (can be up to a year either way, but that's the age I settle on most often). In that stage of regression, I generally act more verbally advanced than the average young toddler, whilst playing with toys geared towards really young infants. Is it realistic? Maybe not. Does it work for me? Sure does.

    I think we're all a mixture of adult ages, too, even though our biological age ticks along at a constant rage. There's elements to my personality which make me sure that my precocious, slightly sullen teenage self is still alive and kicking, yet I like serene, stereotypically 'middle-aged' hobbies like cooking and gardening which most 24-year-old guys don't seem too fussed about. Everyone's personality incorporates elements of the person they have been, and the person they're likely to become more markedly as they age. Biological age is pretty stable, but mentally, age is an incredibly loose and fluid category. Some days I feel like I'm about 13, other days I feel like I'm 55 - and that's without even discussing my AB tendencies!

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    Gee whizz. These some pretty involved answers. Wasn't expecting that. But conversation is a good thing. I really wasn't trying to head in the direction of how you act outside of your AB lifestyle. Just your age within it. I was trying to keep the convo lighthearted and fun. SirNapsALot, I like your answer because it pretty much nails the way I feel about everything.

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    My real age can be seen on the info to the left.
    My regressed age is about a toddlers age.
    No real set age so maybe 2-5.

    My fursona cub form (cause I have a grown up one too, tho my grown up one is diaperless)
    is age 1. Tho my version of a dragon is they learn some things a lil faster, but stay more kid/cub like longer.
    Some of which they hear things before hatching, so they have some minor knowledge.

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    I fluctuate a lot. I pretty much call myself age fluid. Though I usually go around 18 months and 6ish 9ish 11ish years.

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    My regression age is about four years old but I am still wearing and using diapers and I may watch grown-up movies (or at least movies made for teenagers). Being single, I would also need to fill my bottle, make lunch or dinner, start a bath and so forth.

    The bottom line is that I take activities and actions from many different ages as I need or want to at the time I am regressing.

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    me I'm like year old but like everyone else we have to do jobs to make ends meat, and to have a social life. but it nice to regress when I have time. I love bottle and the taste of formula, and pacifier's rattle and my diapers.

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    I like the potty training, pre-school/kindergarten age.

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