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    Had a great day at the park yesterday due in part to the warm weather. My aide took me out in my convaid stroller to jog around the park. I was in the stroller in my Elmo t-shirt, diaper and plastic pants. I had a blanket covering my legs and covering me well. While I was being pushed in my stroller I drank milk out of a large baby bottle. There were no negative comments, even played with a few dogs. It was a great day.

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    Sounds great. Where you given a change whilst at the park?

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    Where did you go? South Park? Damn...If I went to a park with no shirt, I would have empty cans thrown at me just for being half-naked.

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    I was changed by aide in the handicapped stall of the women's room. Quite simple really. Rolled me into the stall, got me up from the strolle, lowered my plastic pants, changed my diaper, then pulled my plastic pants up, put me back in the stroller, gave me a new bottle, and then we exited the bathroom after she washed her hands

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    There doesn't appear to be a discussion that is going anywhere here, so closing.

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