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Thread: Diaper Brand for a Small Waist

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    Default Diaper Brand for a Small Waist

    Since Abena stop making small sizes a long time ago, I decided to try out the medium size. Turns out they are big for me and do not fit snug against my wait. I seem to have a bit of a gap between my belly and the front of the diaper.

    I did try Molicare small, but those diapers didn't have the absorbency to keep up with my heaving wettings. They did fit snug though.

    Seems like all these diapers brands are doing away with small...Is there any diaper brand out there fits small waist size?

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    The youth size and the AirSupremes. They will send you a free sample if you ask via live chat/e-mail. They also frequent this forum, so any questions about them generally get answered quickly. I have the same problem and I'm waiting for my samples to get here - hopefully they fit. Also, the medium size goes down to 28 inches (I am getting the medium Supremes instead of the small AirSupremes but I'll see about sampling the AirSupremes if the others are too big)!

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    Try dry 24/7 small, Tranquility ATN small or Unique Wellness s/m.

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    small waisted abdls seems to screwed on the diaper market. Molicare are one of the only diapers that I can fit in to. I want to try dry 24/7 myself, but I can't risk my roommates finding out about my diapers.

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    tena and molicare are really the only decent plastic backed smalls left. Tranquility ATN does also make smalls (they're probably OK). Dry24/7 now has a small as well, but the fit is closer to medium of other brands (might be worth trying though).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadeKoopa View Post
    I did try Molicare small, but those diapers didn't have the absorbency to keep up with my heaving wettings. They did fit snug though.
    were they the newer style Molicare or the old style?
    i say because there's a bit of difference and you may find that the old style mediums fit and perform better.
    the Molicare Super Plus, Attachment 22128, used to be one of my regulars (and most of my clothes are age 11-14). the Classic are of the same design, but less absorbant.

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    Thanks for the info.

    I did try a Sample of Dry 24/7 and they did fit fine. I may try them again but the sample they sent me the first time felt like it's been in storage for a long time. I think the diaper may have "expired" but I'll give it another shot.

    I don't really care for molicare too much. Sure they fit, but they don't hold well to my heaving wettings.

    The NorthShore care youth and air supreme are cloth backed and I don't like cloth style disposables. The Surpreme Briefs waste size are the same size as the Medium Abena X-plus and they currently don't fit my waist. they are too big.

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