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Thread: The Tale of Two Terms

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    Default The Tale of Two Terms

    When I first started living my adult baby lifestyle, several searches on the Internet revealed that there were two terms. Adult Baby and Infantilist. Of course I knew right off the bat that they were interchangeable terms. Since a couple other terms such as "Littles" has introduced. What's your preferred method of addressing the lifestyle word wise?

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    Frankly, it doesn't bother me at all. Anyone can call me any of the three terms.

    However, when I refer to myself, I generally use the term Adult Baby.

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    I hate the term adult baby. It has and still sounds very very creepy. Little works better. or Cub, cause furry. I guess since I am a toddler age, I hate the word baby *giggle*

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    I use "Paraphilic Infantilist" and "Adult Baby" interchangeably if I am describing a person who is AB. "Little" I will attribute to a person who likes to regress but not to a baby age.

    Describing myself, I use "Paraphilic Infantilist" because it sounds more sophisticated, is politically correct, and because I can't attribute any narrower of a term to myself.

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    I prefer "little". It helps to envision the person as someone who enjoys playing a role. "Adult baby" seems like a whole lifestyle, and "infantalist" seems like it can be taken VERY wrongly by people unfamiliar with the term. People don't assume that a "sub" or a "dom" lets the role they play control the rest of their life, and I feel like "little" could be seen the same way.

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    One problem with the term ''paraphilic infantilist'' is that it technically refers to a person who has a sexual fetish for acting like a baby. For many ab's it's not a sexual thing, so I don't really feel that term is accurate in those cases.

    ''Adult baby'' really isn't the greatest-sounding term, but I suppose it serves its purpose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimbaStarshine View Post
    One problem with the term ''paraphilic infantilist'' is that it technically refers to a person who has a sexual fetish for acting like a baby.
    Oh right, I forgot about the significance of the "paraphilia" part. In that case, I would just use "Infantilist".

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    i really like littles! it sounds a lot cuter and i see myself as a younger child rather than a baby. just my opinion. c:

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