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Thread: Return of the Sissy...

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    Default Return of the Sissy...

    I have been away for a few months and see that we have a load of new members. Many may remember me as I was very active on the Greetings forum however life got in the way and I could not log on to ADISC or wear diapers for about 2 months.

    So, a re-introduction may be needed...

    I live in Scotland, read books (mostly thrillers but am a member of a book club so read anything), love cooking (Thai food is a specialty), love music (everything from early church music to blues and AOR), love the theater and opera and have a real interest in cognitive psychology.

    I have been padded up on occasion since the beginning of the year but am now realizing that this goes waaay back to when I was very young. I also have a love of pretty, girly, things and have experimented with cross dressing when the opportunity arose. My feminine side has always been strong, very strong and while I am pretty sure that I am not trans (happily married hetero), there might not be all that much in it so that can leave me a bit confused sometimes.

    I also have a bit of a little, strongly tied to my feminine side...

    Since joining ADISC, I have found the support that I needed to accept who I am and face life down after bouts of depression.

    So, here I am. A bit Sissy, a bit Little, a lot DL and, on the whole, happy with who I am.

    Bring it on World!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Snivy View Post
    DLE! I remember you!

    I hope you remember me!

    Welcome back to ADISC.
    Certainly do! - I've not forgotten anyone, just reaching out to the newbies. Besides, my original intro was a bit lame and I've learned a lot about myself since being on here. It was time to share...


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