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Thread: Bambinos XL still out of stock.

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    Default Bambinos XL still out of stock.

    I have been waiting for the Bambinos XL in abdl prints to come back into stock. I have a 51 inch waist and a 60 inch hip and can fit into the larges but feel better in a larger diaper. I am looking for a cute diaper to be in but don't know any others... Recommendations would be wonderful right now.

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    I have one cute, one medical, and one plain (All are considered cute) there may be others but these might suit you better for your question. (FYI: The bambino's XL's some are sold out and others are not but the sizes you listed, the larges will cover your sizes)

    Dry 24/7's "Large" Stands out between 42 to 65 size mark.
    • Plain White Diaper (Could be cute)
    • Elastic waistbands for comforting fit
    • High SAP for multiple wettings (Mainly 1 diaper a day *Urine Wise*)
    • Easy to put on and remove
    • Easy tapes to put on and off, will not *pop* off
    • Leak Guards

    The Dry 24/7 is a plain white diaper which is average since it's just plain white. Nothing cute, nothing medical, but an easy average heavy-over diaper. It can stretch when you put it on so that it's not as tight around your waist and easy to bend over letting alone the plastic follows your every movement and easy adjustments for best comfort fitting. Does include leak guards so in case wetting pretty much in almost any position, it will catch your urine without leaking and store inside the padding. It's actually comforting with all it's padding especially from the back, especially comforting while wet.

    Bellissimo "Large" Stands out between 44 to 58 size mark.

    This is your cute prints. I would suggest these as these recently came back in stock if this might be what you want.

    • AB/DL print tape.
    • High SAP for many wettings (Mainly 1 diaper a day *Urine Wise*)
    • High-resistant tapes for on and off use. (Will not slide off or break the diaper)
    • Leak Guards
    • Comfort fitting

    This may have been the one you were talking about but just in case, these recently came back in stock and are doing their jobs as they are supposed to. Multiple wettings before a change (Day night or Late night use, your pick) No wetness indicator, just baby prints (Well one baby tape with prints), and the padding is graciously implanted all around. A bit expensive but worth the money. Your size would fit these wonders and with leak guards to prevent leakage from the legs from whereever your doing your AB activities. It is still comfortable no matter how many times you would wet.

    Absorbency Plus "Extra Large" Stands out between 44 to 60 size mark.

    • Wetness indicator to tell whether it's time for a change (Most AB's rather not use this, other's might )
    • No prints but white around *With the indicator*
    • Average SAP for multiple wettings (2-3 diapers a day for 24/7 but very cheap and reliable)
    • Cheap and affordable
    • Strong and Plastic backed
    • Odor protected

    These diapers are fairly easy and cheap to use although they don't have leak guards so may not support you if you plan on doing major wettings a.k.a. flooding your's. It is fair and simple although will start to smell after multiple uses because of the SAP it has packed inside. It is still perfect for your needs and desires. Probably a replacement for your prints and perfect for medical uses. (Average medical use and probably more suitable)
    Last edited by Snivy; 15-Oct-2014 at 00:40. Reason: Found a medical one, fitting size. Also sticking links to purchase.

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    I like Bambinos but the taping on it sucks...kinda wish they were more tighter and not saggy-like. You should check out Cushies.

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