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    Today I was on the Internet looking at adult baby stuff. It kind of got me thinking. I was thinking about what it would be like to have a brick and mortar adult baby store. What do you guys think?

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    Brick and mortar is a term that means an actually store that you would go to like Toys "R" Us or Babies "R" Us.

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    Oh I see.mim trying to post new stuff like everyone but Do not know how

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    It would be awesome, but you would have a very empty store. You might have a few bricks thrown through your windows from people who are upset over misunderstanding the idea of AB/DL's. Personally though, I dream of a day where I get to walk into an Adult Baby store and look at all of the cute items in person rather than online, that would be so awesome, I would be broke in a heartbeat.

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    It would be fun. But an amazing online store(for which there is not one) would be far more profitable for such a nitch market. While our fetishes and related fetishes do seem to be growing it is still a small market. And EVERYTHING is moving away from brick and mortar selling to online. I have been to local sex shops myself and they carry such plain vanilla items that they never have what I am looking for. But they cater to what they think the masses want. Despite this the online business in that industry is far more massive. There is also less of an embarrassment factor shopping online.

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    I've explained this before, but for the sake of this conversation I'll say it again. I don't consider my infantilism a fetish. It's part of who I am.

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    I've heard that there is such an establishment, or at least the closest thing out there to one, somewhere near Kitchener or Waterloo, Ontario. God only knows why such a shop would pop up there, and I've never been to it to confirm it even exists.

    To me, it seems like the ABDL market is such a geographically dispersed market that having a brick-and-mortar presence would be a money-loser, especially in somewhere smaller. I mean, I could see having a full-on fetish shop that does most of its business online. Then at least the bills are paid and keeping the lights on can be written off. It would be cool to be able to see products in person, see how thick one diaper is compared to the next, feel the plastic, look at various paci designs, bla bla blah. I just can't get my head around a sufficiently strong business case for a brick-and-mortar presence. Even if one went somewhere where real estate is cheap and owned the building outright, just putting the lights on and paying someone to mind the register still seem like they'd cost more than one could make selling gear that would probably have to be marked up from online prices.

    I'd love to see how the store that may or may not exist in Ontario is set up and how they made a business case for it.

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    Uhm I know this is television. But there is an episode of CSI, that features an ab/dl case. And during the investigation the detectives end up following leads to a sex shop geared specifically towards ab/dl folks. It's rather interesting and if they featured on there i'd like to think they based the idea on reality.

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    Have you seen the episode of CSI entitled "King Baby"?

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