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    gosh maybe i have been wearing nappies more than usual lately....well of course lol but i just feel like i have been flying through my baby powder supply. I mean i havent been 24/7 but lately maybe its like 15/5 lol

    so wearing alot more than usual. usually always to class and to bed most nights and a majority of time in between :-) but i guess what my question is to those who are more consistent and wear more like 24/7 is how long does it take you to use a whole bottle of baby powder??

    i like to buy the big johnson&johnson kind. like the big 20oz bottle and i think ive had this one like 3 weeks

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    I always use powder, and the Johnson & Johnson one as well.
    Takes me a lil bit more than a month to go through the 22oz(I think its 22) one.
    Tho it also depends on how often you change during a day too.

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    Probably 1.5 months or more. But I dont wear that much.

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    I use two 15 oz bottles of J&J cornstarch powder a month. That's three changes a day.

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    I tend to use more diaper creme than baby powder. I mostly use baby powder after I do #2 in the diaper or if I know I'm going to be in a diaper for extended periods of time or know I will sweat a lot. Even then, I do go through one or two of the smaller baby powder containers a month. I don't use the normal johnson and johnson ones. We have a nice magnolia pedal variation (not sure if its anywhere else outside of the south), but its not available in larger size. I also tend to use the target brand baby powder that is cheaper, sometimes Albertsons or HEB (whenever I make way to Texas). I also will use the powder if its a cheaper diaper that doesn't do good wicking like the IB Brief by First Quality.

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