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Thread: Old school ABDLs (Melissa, Gabby, etc.)

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    Default Old school ABDLs (Melissa, Gabby, etc.)

    Who here remembers the old school diaper ladies such as Melissa and Gabby? These were before the big tumblr explosion when few women did reocuring posts of photos. Their faces were so dominant for years. What were the names of some of the other old schoolers? Takes me back to the time of almost dial-up...What were some of their stories (without revealing anything too personal)?

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    John of back in the summer of '94, first found him on netscape 1.0 on a macintosh performa at the local library. He hasn't been seen anywhere since 1997, rumor has it that he dissapered, died, or enlisted in the navy, shut down his site in '97 due to Y2K and likley quit using the internet before January 1st, 2000. 17 years later,he still never came back .

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    Wroooooooooooooooooong subforum, pal.
    1 week ago??? Lol. Good catch on this

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