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Thread: Best Way to Reduce Smell After Changing a Messy Diaper?

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    Default Best Way to Reduce Smell After Changing a Messy Diaper?

    After I change a diaper that I mess, there is usually still an overpowering smell even though I take the soiled diaper out to the trash can as soon as possible. I'm wondering what you think the best way is to reduce this smell (I mean like what air freshener works best or if I should open windows to air out the house, etc.)

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    My suggestion, and what I do, is to put a fan in an open window, blowing air out. Works best if it's sealed off well. Think of something like a computer with an exhaust fan, for an example. Or like the fans in bathrooms.

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    Pour baking powder over to reduce the smell of the diaper.

    Reduce the smell inside the room is grab a febreeze and spray the room.

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    You want to get air moving (preferably out). That smell will soak into fabrics and linger for a long time. Something like baking soda to soak up some of the smell is also a good idea, and a blast from some lysol or similar doesn't hurt either.

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    I grab air fresheners with clean scents. Like laundry scents and the like and not flower scents. I tend to find they work better. I also am picky and only get brand stuff. Also I changed in the bathroom so someone could have just used it or something I mean who is to say?

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    I drink a lot of tea and for the time being, end up sharing the trash can with the kitchen, I find some of my herbal or chai tea bags tend to handle dirty diaper smell pretty well. I usually only have diapers in the trash can for two maybe three days tops.

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    Taking chlorophyllin supplements reduces all body odors including with messing. My husband really noticed when I stopped taking it when I misplaced my bottle a few days. I also notice my bowels are looser naturally and they move several times a day while on it so I am a lot more relaxed for going in a diaper even though without them I would never even think about messing a diaper. They do turn the mess an olive green color, but I think the anti cancer properties along with milder smells far outweigh any negative side effects.

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    I feel you! I live in an apartment and my bathroom has no windows. Before I go to change I always go in the bathroom ahead of time and turn the exhaust fan on so the air will start moving. I also keep a few scented candles and baking soda In There as well. I change as fast as a can and double bag the diaper with baking soda and then I'll open up the door and turn my boxfan towards it so it disperses the smell. It's still noticeable in the apartment for an hour or so, but if you leave the doors closed the smell will build up in that room and you won't be able to get rid of it. Wish I could be more helpful, but unfortunately the smell comes with the territory.

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    I second the earlier post. Open window with a fan aiming out. Before you do it hose down the enitre room thouroughly with febreeze. Let it "settle" for a few mins... Then open the window/fan combo. The room where i change is usually scent free within an hour tops.

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    Also if you throw them in the trash try putting it in a gallon sized slider bag. It keeps the smell in pretty well unless the bag has a hole or is popped by pushing the trash down to hard. Put it in the ziplock bag right after taking it off to minimize the time it can stink up the place. Other than that if you change in a bathroom any lingering smell can be blamed on you just used it.

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