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Thread: Homemade Onesie?

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    Default Homemade Onesie?

    I've been thinking of some ways to make my own onesie, and I've come up with the idea to just put on a shirt that is very long (but with a diaper on, of course ) and then safety pin the two ends of the shirt underneath my diaper. I might post photos later on if I do this. Please post any of your homemade onesie ideas!

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    Just get snaps like on a coat it comes with a device that puts the snaps on my family has two of the devices

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    It sounds like either one would work. If you don't have a long T shirt, maybe a shorter one pinned or snapped to underwear would work. Jo-Anne's Fabric shops have some plastic snaps and a fastening tool that should do the job.

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    Caruthers that's what I meant it comes with a fastening tool with a pack of snaps

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    You can find these at Hobby Lobby as well. I almost bought one.

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    Its much more better than buying onesies at least you know if the shirt will fit you

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    I tried this once!

    It was quite satisfying at the time, but the safety pins ruined the shirt.
    If you can, I'd recommend installing some snaps (with a small square of support fabric), otherwise the safety pins will leave icky holes.
    KamSnaps sells good plastic snaps, if you are allergic to metals at all.

    If you are so inclined, you can take it a step further and actually make a onesie from it. A tall-styled shirt works really well; I've done it myself.

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