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Thread: diaper disposal

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    Default diaper disposal

    i personally have trouble disposing of my diapers once im done using them, and was wondering how people here dispose of them to keep it discrete without parents knowing.

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    I double them up in old grocery bags (five for a messy diaper), and then put them in the trash on trash day. You could even get props for volunteering to take out the trash.

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    Back when I lived at home I would keep them in plastic shopping bags and bring them out to the trash cans when they were asleep. Usually I'd try to coincide this with trash day and I'd put them at the bottom of the pile.

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    I too had the problem of disposing of used diapers, when I was living with my parents. I used to put them in plastic grocery bags and force the air out of the bag, then spray cologne on the bag, till I could take them out to the trash. I usually waited until the night before trash day, then while my parents were asleep, take them out to the garbage.

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    I throw them in the diaper pail until wash day. I try not to go more than a few days before I wash them otherwise it's hard to get the smell out. Disposables I just put in plastic grocery bags and throw them in the trash.

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    If you can find a place outside for temporary storage, it's a lot easier. Now, granted, a diaper you've gone #2 in is going to smell so bad that, even bagged and outside, they'll still be able to smell it within 10 feet. But if you've only done #1 it's a lot easier to hide it. Unless you REALLY want to, I strongly recommend against doing #2 in your diapers. It's dirty, it's smelly, it's hard to clean up, and it's very hard to hide the used diapers.

    For a diaper I've done #1 in, I'll stick it in a trash bag, knot the bag as far down as I can (the less air space the diaper has, the less it will "ferment"), and then hide it outside under a pile of old junk at the side of the house. Then, on trash day or the day before, I will put it in the trash at least 2 layers down. If I cannot get it out on trash day itself, though, I will wait a week. A week in the open air lets it quit smelling, so there won't be any smell when I finally DO put it in the trash.

    For other people, there's dumpsters, gas station trashcans, and such. Any public trashcan you an drop it in.

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    Default Ziplocks anyone?

    Ziplock, anti-fungal/anti-bactierial + diaper. Squeeze out air. Works fine. behind bookshelf. Throw 3 away a week at most.

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    I can't disopose of diapers at home. My parents would notice as they have the liberal middle class attitude to the environment of doing little things like obsessing over recycling and what goes in the bin and so on. Hence I have to store used diapers, until I go out. My school isn't that close and I go past public bins with no one who knows me anywhere near. Normally I will take the used diaper in a plastic bag and deposit it in a bin. It fits in my school bag fine.

    I know my parents come in my room for as little time as possible, so it is safe for me to store stuff in empty drawers. I don't mess to avoid smell, and store diapers in plastic bags until I can get rid of them. When I can I just put them in my school bag and drop them in a public bin before I get to my bus stop. No one notices.

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    I put them in plastic bags, knot it real well, and stick it with my other trash and pitch it when mom's at work after school. (Which is Monday through Friday.)

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    Eat them. Joke... i would most likely just stick em in the bin on the way past... a neighbours bin however.

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