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Thread: Toys!!!

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    Default Toys!!!

    Most important part of everyone's AB/BF lives is the miracle of toys! You got to share what kinds of toys you play with or describe them!

    As you all know what I play with of course ^^

    Click image for larger version. 

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    On stand: A380
    On Chest: F/A-22
    Far Left: Boeing-747/400 (I play with the most)
    Far Back: DC-10
    Front: B1
    Far Right: DC-2

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    Oh gawsh. I'll try to summarize and not go too in depth.. or I would be here all day and I can go into details about all this stuff in my blog later..

    Dolls! That's the big name of the game. I love dolls! I have so many doll toys!

    The first dolls I started collecting were Strawberry Shortcake dolls! The very first doll I got was a Berries to Blossoms Strawberry Shortcake doll by Playmates. AI have a good handful of these because I got them at a discount, and others like them! Eventually I got into Lalaloospy which has been a huge love of mine! I have over 10 of them now, some of my favorites being Jewel Sparkles, Goldie Luxe, and Harmony B. Sharp. The Harmony B. Sharp doll has silly hair and twirls her hair accessories and sings and she's sew cute.

    I used to collect pony toys, but once I eventually get my hands on the Diamond Tiara I'm likely to be done with that. I had my little phase of interest in that but I'm ready to set that beside me.

    I have some Littlest Pet Shop toys but they are all focused on Minka Mark from the newest incarnation of the series, who is so cute! I want more stuff of her. Hehe.

    One doll line that's dead but I love and have a few dolls in is Novi Stars! They were cute alien dolls! Una Verse is my favorite of that line.

    I also collect lots of board games and playmats and coloring books and all sorts of other things of these franchises! I also have the obvious plushies, especially of the lines I already talked about. My Mittens Fluff n Stuff plushie and Strawberry Shortcake plushie are constant companions in fighting the bed monsters!

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    Those planes do look fun snivy, I remember when i was younger making lots of things that could fly (I just had a flying dream last night, it was awesome). I might have to get some planes.

    My toys are pretty much my stuffed animals, and I also have a baby teether toy which is sometimes fun for regression. I could probably use more toys.

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    I thought the rule was; "The one who dies with the most toys WINS!!!"

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    Well I'm severely lacking on toys at the moment so right now it's sadly just stuffed ponies. Soon though, I'm going to buy some Lego!

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    Well, I still have a lot of Legos and Megablocks boxes in the closet, I loved to play with them all the time when I was younger (I still like them, but I have no time ), and my favourite is a megablocks helicopter you can build, it's great

    Snivy, I used to buy that exact type of airplanes with my father when I was younger, we still have them

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    I have a lot of pony toys. . . lol. Fills my need for toys while also filling my need to have pony stuff. Two birds with one stone. lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littledaimon View Post
    Snivy, I used to buy that exact type of airplanes with my father when I was younger, we still have them
    matchbox planes? The one's on the dresser except the B1 are matchbox but the are discontinued it seems and they make weird-ass crappy planes and that stupid movie "Disney planes" -_-

    The A380 was ordered from Amazon and I think that's one helluva plane

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    I used to build a lot of model planes when I was a kid. I also built models of army vehicles like tanks, canons, jeeps, etc. When I got into 6th grade I switched to building AMT model cars. At one time I had quite the collection. I even won a model building contest when I was in 8th grade.

    Last Christmas my wife bought me a lot of little green army men and other related toys. We have tons of toys for the grandchildren, some of which I play with on rare occasions. I like playing with the grand kids as they are always interesting, and it gives me a chance to play like a kid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I used to build a lot of model planes when I was a kid...
    YOU DID??? I love you... :3

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