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    Been wearing regularly now for a few years. But life changes, kids are getting older, getting busier at work...What I am finding now is I need to make a switch to Goodnites for work and home more now. Since they are so low profile I can have fun wearing while being practical and comfortable around family or work. I love wearing ABDL diapers, but the bulk is so much more noticeable and distracting I find. My honest preference is to alternate. But I think now I will be going a lot heavier on Good Nights(not that the new design doesn't help) and saving Cushies, Armour, sissy or what ever for alone time, Private work days, ect. Don't get me wrong, out and about with out the family or work and I don't have a problem wearing something bulky. Do other DL folks feel less compromised with a lower profile diaper in these situations?

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    Others definitely feel this way, that's why they either make time with them DL selves or they tried to hide the bulkiness, crinkleness, and most important the obvious. You can still wear what you like if you plan on being discreet about it. I think it's a good start with goodnights of course but what if you don't get your satisfaction that you want?

    What are your major discoveries into hiding?

    • Crinkleness: Have an empty candy wrapper inside your pocket like a few or maybe have your key's in your belt loop (if your job supports that)
    • Bulge: (Don't do this but men have claimed to have boners) Easier solution would be to probably mash your front diaper before putting it on, makes the padding more spread out instead of sticking-out.
    • Obvious: If you have the plastic sticking out when you would like bend over, perfect solution is the underwear for that. The band on like boxer briefs for example, would cover up the sticking-up plastic and remain inside your underwear, also making the plastic not sticking to your skin making it worse for sweating and red marks

    These are the three major steps if your plan on good nights do not work and you still wanna indulge in your original pampers. It can be hard wearing when you have people judging with what your wearing or if they have a comment to make. Some people when they are caught they claim "incontinence" which is never ok so don't ever think that. If your caught, then simply act calm and act like you are about to own the conversation.

    "So you wear diapers now? What a baby..." Bully says.

    "Yep, and I do not care" User walks away.

    As for your goodnights, they will be heavier when wearing and using so unless you want to carry that extra weight around, I might not suggest that unless you are into that stuff because eventually you are going to have a huge mess in the end. Some goodnights are comfortable and others wanna break your legs because they are so darn tight! That's when "Leak Guards" come in of course and I don't know if the goodnights you have support "Leak Guards" in which this case if they don't, your going to probably using them in an awkward position it's best avoided *unless* you are alone. But this may be a routine and someone will probably ask. So I would stick with the diapers you originally had instead of moving on to goodnights.

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