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    Hey all,
    I've been a lurker on this forum for a looooong time, like a few years. I recently went and bought some diapers, since I had the house to myself for the weekend. after wearing for a full day my friend called me and asked if i wanted to go to town with him to see a movie. the thought that ran through my head was, "but I don't want to take off my diaper". I DID NOT tell my friend this however, he had no idea. so long story short I ended up wearing a diaper out in public for the first time and nobody had any idea.

    The main reason though that i started this thread was because i wanted to share some of my thought process being a beginner wearer and all.

    #1. i know how much you guys dislike cloth backed disposables but I LOVE them! they are super easy to tape on because of the velcro and they are super silent.

    #2. There are a couple of facts that i wish i knew a long time ago. like for example diapers with tabs are called adjustable or fitted briefs, and that most drug stores sell them as such

    #3 walgreen's brand diaper is actually pretty fantastic, i havent had a leak yet and they hold a pretty good size wetting. and they are fabric backed! so the tabs are velcro and you can adjust them an infinite number of times

    I just wanted to share what happened yesterday and share some of my thoughts from the past few days. let me know your opinions about anything i said.

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    Sounds like you really enjoyed your time out and removed your anxiety over wearing in public. That should open up all sorts of fun new possibilities. The big three I hear around these parts most often are amusement parks/rides, public parks, and of course, theatres. (when will you first dare to wet your diaper in public, that is the question!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeTaLMaNN1983 View Post
    What diapers have you tried?
    I have tried Abena M4's and S4's, and Molicare super and Tena slip. and of course the walgreens brand.

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    Hi, CFD, and welcome. I know it seems like no one here likes the cloth-style diapers, but I do, and I suspect we're far from alone. I love a good plastic-backed diaper, but they can be noisy, which limits where and when I can use them. I keep some Dry24/7s around, for those rare times when bulk and crinkliness don't matter, but my everyday diapers are usually the Tena Stretch Super or the Abena DeltaForm, both of which are silent and discreet.

    Anyway, glad to have you here, and I hope you keep exploring and learning what floats your boat.


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    I also like the cloth back (M4s!), the refastening is really useful. Plastic back are good once and a while, but I am always disappointing when I can only use the tapes once.

    I am also a long term lurker, any advice for opening up? There have been questions I have wanted to ask here for months now, but I have been too nervous to post anything.

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    Hi, Seug. I'm pretty sure that you were asking CFD for tips about opening up, but I'm going to butt in anyway. :-)

    When I first discovered that there were lots of people on the Internet who had the same feelings as me, I was ecstatic, though still very cautious. It was the thing I was most scared of getting out, and my most shameful secret. Although I intellectually knew I was probably being silly, I thought anyone who found out who I was would try to blackmail me and then still expose my secret. Consequently, I didn't get a chance to talk with anyone person-to-person about diapers and my feelings for years.

    No one is out to get you, and no one is here to out you. Everyone here has an obscure little fetish and most of the world couldn't possibly care less about it or who we are. Once I got past that, I loosened up a lot and started to enjoy conversations more.

    Now, I don't know if any of those fears apply to you, or if they have anything to do with why you haven't asked the questions you've wanted to ask, but the larger point is that it's okay to relax. Ask anything you want. No matter what it is, someone here has had the exact same issues, questions, thoughts, and feelings.

    What do you really want to know?


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    Thanks for the advice RMS. I am not too sure why am afraid (I don't think I fear my secret getting out here), part of it is the internet is such a permanent place to put stuff. I used to post in forums all the time, now I am always too careful and over think it, before concluding not to post. So I just decided to reply to a thread that seemed interesting, hopefully that helps .

    I will probably post a new thread sometime about the questions I have been wanting to ask, part of it is I didn't want to open a new thread when I have not contributed to any of the others. I also don't want to hijack this thread (sorry CFD!), but it seemed somewhat relevant since OP mentioned being a lurker.

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    I have mixed feelings about cloth backed. If I am going out in public, I really like the discretion that they have. They are quite. If I have to use the restroom and I don't want to use my diaper then it is really easy to re fasten.

    But they don't have the magical crinkle. So usually when I am wearing diapers at home, I will go plastic backed.

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