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    Married in Southern California and not too much time to be on the internet. I'm male 63. No smoker no drinker. Like movies walks with wife. Happy to be here. Still new to all this and starting to navigate here on the site. I'm learning too. I hope to be able to get some help in all this. I think I'm doing right. Is there any place to post pictures here. Please let me know.

    Thank you for reading my little introduction.

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    Welcome! This is a good introduction. What kind of help are you looking for? Relationship? Diapers? There are a few places to post pictures. In your posts like here there is a "picture" button to help upload pictures and in your profile there is a place to upload pictures. If you need help with that let s know! Welcome aboard!

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    Thank you so nice of you to help me. Bless you for this. I'm starting to get use to this all.

    Thank you and good things your way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank9127 View Post
    Thank you so nice of you to help me. Bless you for this. I'm starting to get use to this all.

    Thank you and good things your way.
    It takes awhile to learn everything. Believe me - We've all been through it. And thank you for the kind words!

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    I'm trying to do new posts like everyone else. Not too sure as to how to do this. And are threads new posts. I'm confused.

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    Hi Frank, and welcome. I know it gets confusing, but this is what the terms mean. And, if I'm wrong, someone will gracefully correct me. A "thread" is a series of posts. Like this series of related comments you started is a "thread". Each of the pieces by different folks is a "post". So a thread is made up of a group of posts. They might go on forever, or they might only end up with one post if no one replies. The different threads are found in topical forums, which are loosely related threads. So, if you have a question on use or wearing of diapers, you would start that in Diaper Talk. If it's about relationships, it would probably go in Mature Topics. You can go to the forum tab above and see the list. There is a brief description of the types of things covered in that forum. When you click on a forum, at the top there is a button that says so etching like Post a New Thread. Actually, you start a new Thread with a Post.

    I'm also wondering what help you might be looking for. So start a new thread in whatever area you want! You'll find a pretty helpful, thoughtful community here. Glad you've joined.

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    Welcome Frank to Adisc! I am glad to see you posting, and wish to learn more about you. As all of us have, you will learn your way through how to start a thread ( you go into a particular topic, such as "Incontinent") then click on "start A New Thread" on the top upper left of the particular you are in.
    To reply to a topc you are following, just click on "Reply" found both at the top and bottom of the page you are in, and posts away. The exact wording of starting a new topic, or replying may vary a little from what I have typed, but it is close. Just look at top left of your page and it will easy to follow. It is a learning curve, but it is a real easy one.
    Keep posting please. All of us love hearing from one another, even though we not reply to all posts

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