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Thread: AB/DL-themed Text Adventure in Active Development: Daycare (tentative title)

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    Default AB/DL-themed Text Adventure in Active Development: Daycare (tentative title)

    I've been wanting to write an AB-themed text adventure for a while now, but until recently, I never put too much work into it. Yesterday, I spent several hours straight working on it and am proud to say I have the basics of the engine finished. I'll be using this thread to track progress and regularly updating it as I go.

    Now, onto the details! Since I'm entirely uncreative, I'm calling this work "Daycare" for now. Basically, you push a receptionist call button in a seemingly abandoned daycare and you end up being taken care of by an android (human-like robot) mommy. You know the drill; it's a fairly common plot. My goal is to innovate in the ways of gameplay and interaction (and maybe actually craft a story that isn't horrible after I finish the rest).

    The game is a text adventure with a diaper system (and maybe a hunger/thirst system too). How bad/when you have to go is based on the number of actions taken, so you don't have to worry about walking away and coming back to a mess but you do have to worry about managing those actions before you need to go. Different diapers have different capacities (both for wetting and messing). There are custom description messages for each diaper based on how wet/messy you are.

    You also can use the robotic mommy to help you out. Calling on mommy might result in a diaper check/change (which could potentially move you back to the start), but she can help you open doors that are out of reach and carry things that you can't lift, for example.

    You can collect tons of different types of diapers, each unique in some way. I'd like to have at least 30 unique types of diapers in the game (all real-life baby diapers if possible).

    There's a ton more info about the game to give, but I'll leave that in a (hopefully regularly updated) Google Drive document.

    Click here for more info about the game as well as progress indicators (currently under construction).

    The game will be given out for free, including the source code for the diaper-engine. This will hopefully make it easy for other people to make similar games.

    I need a couple of things from all you awesome ABs if possible.

    Number one: I need people to research and rank baby (and adult, if you'd like) diapers! This spreadsheet can be added to by anyone from these forums. Add any diapers you'd like to see in the game. Currently I only have it ready for disposables, but cloth are fine too - just make a note that the diaper is cloth. The notes section can contain any information you have about the diaper: texture, absorbancy, feeling, how it handles wetting/messing, etc. The designs on the diaper should be noted in the "Design" column.

    Number two: Tell me what you would like to see in a text adventure like this! What activities would you like to ? What kinds of areas would you like to explore? This specific game is a modern day sci-fi (cuz robots) setting in an automated daycare, so keep that in mind. I might be willing to make other games in the future.

    Progress note: At the time of this post, I am working on adding more diaper types to the game and finishing implementing the basic starting area (so you guys can actually do something besides sit there and use your diapers). A demo will be released as soon as that bit is finished.
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    What language are you programming it in?

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    Whoops, forgot to mention that. Currently I am using Quest, because it exists and I'm too lazy to use a standard programming language.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KatelynG View Post
    Whoops, forgot to mention that. Currently I am using Quest, because it exists and I'm too lazy to use a standard programming language.
    Oh, nifty. I haven't ever heard of it before, but since it is an environment made for that type of thing, it probably makes the most sense to use a program like that, faster development and less bugs to figure out on your own.

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    I love text adventure games and I can't wait to play. If you are willing, may I suggest you also include youth bedwetting products such as goodnites and underjams in the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patrick1776 View Post
    If you are willing, may I suggest you also include youth bedwetting products such as goodnites and underjams in the game.
    Sure! Feel free to add them to the list if you want (linked in the above post). They're probably similar to Pull-Ups in absorbancy, etc. so you can probably just copy those numbers.

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    I dont suppose there will be any kind of chance this runs on mac???

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    It will run on Mac if I upload it to the website. And I probably will.

    I might start doing game commissions if people like this game enough. I definitely will release the engine source code (to be edited with Quest) at some point.

    I'm also debating messing around in RPG Maker VX Ace and making a game skeleton to make it easy for people to make their own AB/DL-themed RPGs, but that's a project I will only undertake after I've at least released a demo for this.

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