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Thread: Goodwill finds :o

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    Red face Goodwill finds :o

    Well I just got back from the local goodwill, and I must say, it was one of the best trips yet! I walked in and headed to the kids aisle, and right on one of the shelves was a Tinker Toy set for only $5.00! It's one of those plastic ones, more suited for toddlers, so it will really make me feel little when I play with it. So I must ask you adisc, have you had any luck at goodwill?
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    I just went to two good wills and bought some diapers. Not the best diapers in the world, but cheap. Also found a cut big lion, I decided his name is Alex, he gets to be one of the big kids to watch out for all of my other baby stuffies while I'm gone. I thought he kinda looked like Alex from Madagascar, he just also has a bow tie.

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    I found a Ghoulia Yelps ragdoll at the St. Vincent De Paul near me. Normally it's my sister that collects the Monster High dolls, but Ghoulia has always reminded me of myself, so I snatched her up.

    I also found a porcelain googly doll at the Salvation Army thrift around the corner. :3

    One time I turned around and was face to face with about twelve packs of diapers, but I didn't really have extra money that day.

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    I have not been to any in a while.
    I have seen lincoln logs, wooden blocks with letters and numbers in them before.

    Also seen some shoes that some kind of cute char design,
    Seemed adult sized, tho the size number was in the 20's if I remember right.

    Never seen diapers in any yet, tho I think ours here just suck.

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    Stargazerbleu you almost forgot about the plastic pants

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    I found a new pack of treasury plastic backed adult diapers at the local goodwill today for 3.00! I done some research and found that they were produced for thrift drug stores in the 90's. the company went under in 1997, so these are almost 18 years old! pretty good find, they are thick and not very soft and they wont hold much before leaking, but I cant complain about getting 22 vintage diapers for that price!

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    We don't have many Goodwills where I'm at, our equivalent would be Savers. I've never found any diapers worth buying but I've walked out with a good number of toys. A lot of those Fisher Price dinosaurs, a few plushies now and then. My last trip I found a red panda from Build-A-Bear that plays the "Imperial March" (Darth Vader's theme) when you press his paw. Both adorable and awesome! :3

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    The footie jammies I'm wearing right now came from Savers, which is similar to Goodwill. We have both out here in Phoenix but Savers is literally just down the road from me so I can walk there whenever.

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    This thread has onspiried me to go to my local goodwill and check it out! I would freak out if they sold diapers!! Maybe I'll get some toys ^__^

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    Quote Originally Posted by WearingClouds View Post
    This thread has onspiried me to go to my local goodwill and check it out! I would freak out if they sold diapers!! Maybe I'll get some toys ^__^
    It's unusual when I don't see some adult diapers for sale at Goodwill. Thus far, they haven't been any good but it's interesting to see what turns up.

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