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Thread: What helped start the flow when you first startied wetting?

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    Default What helped start the flow when you first startied wetting?

    When you first began wetting your diaper (if you did. I know some wear diapers because they like to, but seldom, if ever wet them. And that is fine by me.) what helped you start the flow?
    For me it helped to be standing and hearing water flow from a faucet. Now, I can go anywhere I am, even lying in bed. It is a matter of convincing your body it is ok to go when you are standing or sitting in the bathroom. It won't be long before you go just about anywhere, in any position - and it won't make you imcontinent. Just be sure you are wearing that diaper before you let go!

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    Oh gawsh. It just.. nothing would happen the first time I attempted despite actually having to use the restroom until I actually sat on the toilet and tried my hardest to pretend I wasn't wearing anything. Tricking my body with all the trappings of using the toilet regularly. Like I said, I needed to use the restroom.. I wasn't trying to force anything out that didn't want to come out. It was quite silly really. I was doing all the aspects of using the toilet yet still.. not.

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    for me, I find my breathing helps. try breathing with slow, long exhaling.

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    Kind of silly, but I would sit on a toilet. With a diaper on.. \_(o_O)_/

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    I drank a lot of Gatorade to make myself have to pee, then used self-hypnosis techniques to focus on how intense the feeling was. I told myself that I "wouldn't be able to hold it in for much longer" and started counting down the seconds until the floodgates were supposed to burst.

    It worked.

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    It's funny, most people sit a toddler on a potty with a diaper on to get them use to it. And yet we sit on a potty with a diaper on to get use to the diaper, fascinating.

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    All i need to do to have diaper be used is to drink a cup of water and wait a while but then again I'm incontinent.

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    These are all excellent replies,and they do show how each of us (at these who have replied so far have responders you have a similar response then reply anyway. It is quite possible you may help,others along the way.
    And, by the way did any of these help you BEFORE this thread was started? More replies will be welcome.

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    I leaned over the sink and ran my hands through some flowing warm water the first time. That very first diaper is really hard to use. I'd say the first ten or so diapers I could only use while standing in the bathroom.

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    I never had trouble doing it, I acquired a diaper when I was about 11, and just let it happen.

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