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Thread: Inexplicably Tired

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    Default Inexplicably Tired

    I have been so incredibly tired as of late. I have no idea why and can't really explain it.

    I have been going to sleep just a few minutes after midnight usually (usually takes me 10-20 minutes to fall asleep) and have been waking up at 7:30 for college at 8. But i am always so tired, when i wake up and go to school nothing is wrong, but after a couple of hours my energy just completely drains down.

    I have been trying to go to sleep sooner but that had resulted in waking up on separate occasions during the night or waking up randomly around 6.

    I got home from college today and wanted to take a nap around 4PM my time (it is almost 6 now) I tried for about an hour but always had the same results. When i was starting to fall asleep (starting to loose consciousness) i kinda like woke up again even though my body felt asleep, i started to feel dizzy like i was being rolled around or if i was in a giant ball rolling around, the feeling would only ever just intensify as i endured it until i opened my eyes, and when i did i felt nauseous. I tried again and had the same results, when i tried again my mom came home and started to yell at me, telling me to wake up, and started to ask me like if i had been sleeping all day every day, which i said no. Then she went on to tell me what she was going to ask me to do later (in this case it was to run to the store but i stopped her on the bases of just telling me when i needed to do it, not hours prior) which i didn't understand why she was doing but i figured it was to try to wake me up again.

    I am usually okay throughout the most of the day but after i start walking home or get home, i start to get incredibly tired.

    Does anyone know what might cause this? Both getting always so tired (it has been around a month now) and my inability to take naps (I don't usually take naps so i don't know when that started).

    Thank you


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    It could be a number of things: Worry, caffeine intake, stress. Do you do a lot of walking at school? Exercising can help your body to be more tired at the end of the day and help you go to sleep faster.

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    There is a lot of issues that can cause this. I would hesitate to say because.....

    I would say talk to your doctor.

    IT can be symptoms of sleep apnea, you could be coming down with a cold, you could be eating something not good so your energy levels are run down, etc. But your first thing would be contact a physician.

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    Sometimes when you sleep at different times, you can end up tired in almost any time set because it's throwing your body out of whack. It could possibly be stress since you made a thread last month about your problems which we are glad things are settling in for you. You can sleep late and not be tired till that same late night you slept or at the time it'll make you sleep for an hour and your fully re-charged for the moment you body can handle. Your body is changing up it seems and you possibly can't help it but ride it out for a little while longer and see where things take you. It could be something you can control by maybe setting some certain bedtime points like,

    3:00PM-4:00Pm for an hour re-charge
    11:00PM-7:00AM for the night sleep

    As you said you are going to college, that could be your focal point. College makes me tired whenever I leave because I used every inch of fiber in my body to study, learn, labs, etc and I always dream about leaving early but sometimes I may not get those opportunities. Have you been taking random naps? That's your problem. Your throwing your body into weird proportions because your body is not adjusting the times it is supposed to be supporting for. Just do an hour nap in the afternoons (If possible two) because most adults need naps after work or school because we use a lot more energy and don't have the high metabolism as children do when they have all the energy and only sleep at night while "us" adults need frequent naps and good night sleeps at night with nothing to bother us but we do eventually get up smack early in the morning for like work. Another solution is energy drinks (Like maybe 5-hour energy) You can easily drink this before you leave college so you don't get the after crash and that way you can do whatever it is you plan on doing out of school but for future safety, pick some time sets so your body can adjust.

    Your body could just be changing. It happens to all of us. The only really solution is a little sugar (Maybe soda or as I suggested about 5-hour energy) or go to bed little-bit early and you will perk up with energy in the morning that will last you up till you leave college, then follow by a nap, then your good for a few more hours. If this keeps up, then I would set up an appointment with a doctor about your sleep habits. It can change, it can't change, nobody knows because this happens to all of us. If none works then it might be many reasons probably the most cause is "narcolepsy"

    Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder that causes excessive sleepiness and frequent daytime sleep attacks.
    If this is what you have, then you can easily fix this by going to a doctor. There are other reasons but check this link out:

    As for "Narcolepsy" it isn't curable but of course you CAN control it. Here are some treatments

    Quote Originally Posted by Treatment options from pubmedhealth
    • Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.
    • Keep your bedroom dark and at a comfortable temperature. Make sure your bed and pillows are comfortable.
    • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and heavy meals several hours before bedtime.
    • Don't smoke.
    • Do something relaxing, such as take a warm bath or read a book before going to sleep.
    • Get regular exercise every day, which can help you sleep at night. Be sure you plan exercise several hours before bedtime.
    More treatments here:
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    Thank you guys. I do not eat much and i don't drink a lot of Caffeine. Mostly because my mom is a health freak that is trying to make me adapt so i have no taste buds.

    I don't eat lost because the only thing that is ever to eat is just bread, Whole Wheat bread, Kornbread and that such of nasty tasting things for every single meal throughout the day except for dinner, that has been going on for half a decade and honestly i seriously hate bread by this point.

    Some people will comment that i should just get a job and buy my own food. But of course my mom said that as long as i live with her i abide to her rules about everything. Even what food i eat.

    I have been feeling a bit better lately, but who knows how long that will last, i woke up today and my brain was still just off, i couldn't think straight or even type what i wanted to because my brain wasn't functioning, but it is a bit better now after i have woken up a bit

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    Your brain requires food and consumes the most energy out of all of your organs. You can also add vitamins to your daily routine.

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    Depression can play with your sleep schedule. Either it makes you an insomniac or it makes you a hypersomniac. Hypersomnia means that you sleep a ton more than you usually do, but you never really gain any energy from it, just like you wouldn't if you had insomnia, although the sleeping is reversed between the two.

    Although, you may have neither and just feel constantly tired, that doesn't mean that you may not have depression causing the symptom. Depression is very dynamic, some symptoms won't show and others will. It's worth going to the doctor and seeing what's up, it may just save you in the long run. I'm not saying it's 100% depression, but like everyone else, I'm tossing ideas as to what it could be. A trip to the doctor may save you a lot of trouble in the future, one of the last things you want to do is let depression bury way deep in you.

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    I would consult a doctor. Thyroid gland problems and/or low blood iron can cause precisely what you are describing. Sounds like you need blood tests done.

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    just to answer the lot of you, yes i have been dealing with depression lately, more the last few weeks than ever. And yes i have seen a doctor in the past and was indeed low on iron. My mom has been giving me like this magnesium powder every night, but it hasn't been helping at all.

    I might go for a checkup, it should be free considering what he is going to do, a talk with him will of course be free but i am not so sure about the blood test.

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    Blood test will be simple. He will just put a wrap around your arm and check or he will draw blood from you and input some numbers to see if you are healthy or not.

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