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Thread: Are you a social person?

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    Default Are you a social person?

    I would say I am to an extent. I love spending time with my closest friends, and am always up for seeing them, instead of being by myself, but I wouldn't say I socialise much outside of a small group of mates whom I've known a long time.

    I find I have a fairly low threshold for people being annoying, and have a tendency to hold a grudge if someone says something which upsets me, even if they don't mean to (though I'm getting better at letting things go). I also find it difficult to make a connection with new people, probably because I'm a bit shy and also what you might call 'eccentric', though I enjoy social spaces like pubs and restaurants.

    So, I'd be interested to hear what other ADISCers are like socially. Do you love hitting the town with friends, prefer a quiet night in front of Netflix by yourself, or enjoy a balance of the two?

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    I'm a odd person myself. A person I didn't realize existed until recently. I'm a shy extrovert.

    I LOVE people. I am energized by contact with people, discussion, and not being alone. Despite though, I'm paralyzing shy and second guess myself a lot. So I'm not as social as a desperately want to be, but I've always been told when I just loosen up that I've got serious social skills. Back in my old job I was basically the go to person for dealing with customers, and apparently I have people skills buried deep within me.

    Basically, this question is sort of complicated for me. I never make anything easy.

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    I used to be more introverted and less social. I would give boring speeches in school. Even a bit in college, I started to develop a bit better speaking skills. Then overtime since graduating college, I have become a lot more social. I hold officer positions in several local groups, have been a teacher of different things at times. I still need alone time to recharge, sometimes I don't give myself enough of that and I burn out for a while. I have done a lot of the local music scene, am on first name basis with a lot of band members in local metal and rock bands. Through different choices I made, I was thrust into a position that forced me to give talks to complete strangers and have said strangers approach me for advice even when I am not teaching or giving talks. That really broke down a lot of that anxiety, I used to also get panic attacks when having to drive long distances. I have since traveled around texas for hours at a time alone and even half way across the country. Getting a handle on anxiety issues is a big thing to expand socially, I was able to do it without medication, but at times it seemed like I wouldn't be able to.

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    I am definitely anti-social for the most part. Those I spend a lot of time with (some people at work, a few friends), I like hanging around with, but seldom go out of my way during time off to hang around people. I want to change this, but I am socially awkard to begin with and rather shy outside the confines of the net. I guess all in all, travelling with work was a big help for the most part. You get a large group of people who you are forced to trust with your life and friendships naturally build, even some friendly rivalries as well. I know its not anxiety that holds me back, but being ill-equipped for social engagements and lack of self-worth.

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    All though i can go weeks of not months without human contact of any sorts, i most of the time will prefer to spend time with my closest friends. But i am not a social person at all. If someone would try to drag me to a bar or a party, i wouldn't go without a fight. I really really really hate parties and gatherings with loud annoying (Modern American pop and Electro (dance) music) with a lot of people just makes me start to freak out

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    A while ago, I used to be extremely closed-off, but willing to interact with strangers if it was part of my job, which it has been for the past 6 years. Since then, I've warmed up to other people. However, I have noticed recently that I isolate myself at "nerdy" gatherings like Yu-Gi-Oh and Smash Bros. tournaments. A couple of days ago, actually, I pretty much just sat in the corner until the brackets started; sure, it was mostly because of BO since deodorant is like kryptonite to Yu-Gi-Oh players, but they tend to be pretty strange in general. I just felt like I didn't belong.

    But when it comes to friends, most of my days off are spent hanging out with somebody. So I'm not too shut-in.

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    I'm pretty much ADISC's resident recluse It comes from my upbringing, being homeschooled and having a mother who doesn't engage in that much socializing herself. All my friends are online-only.

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    I enjoy being with friends but there are days when I really just don't feel like going anywhere, with anyone. Not to mention I'm socially awkward, and get really hardcore anxiety if people walk behind me. So I guess prefer a balance but I'm still pretty reclusive.

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    For me it depends on the other people. If we have some common interests, then I can carry on a conversation really well and go from there; but otherwise I can't think of anything to say to save my life. I try to start off with some small talk...but the conversation almost never goes anywhere.

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    Hmm, I have like 1 or two friends in real life that aren't related to me. Online I speak to prob 10-50 people a day on average. I wouldn't consider myself anti-social, my likes just differ from most people, making it hard to strike up a conversation.

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