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Thread: Would you buy a copy of the ABUniverse nappy if it was available in the uk?

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    Default Would you buy a copy of the ABUniverse nappy if it was available in the uk?

    The cushier one?

    And would it be better in cloth like backing or plastic?

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    I think a problem a lot of people have with ABUniverse is their questionable use of underage models and bad communication and incredibly long shipping times. If they actually had good communication and could improve their reputation when dealing with folks in the UK, it probably would help their cause a lot.

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    If you are talking about a franchise; I'll tell you that the franchise needs a parent company with such a bad rep' as much as you need a hole in the head. If in that case, I'd suggest plastic; For when the project goes tits up, the CEO of the franchise would more easily be able to smother himself with some of the redundant stock.

    Hope this helps ? !

    Seriously, you would not jump from a sinking vessel and hope to use it's anchor as a floatation device. You need; 1/ market, 2/ A quality product, 3/ competitive pricing, 4/ provide reliable service, etc. Basically, be and do everything Arrogant Bloody Users do not.

    PS: I do have to offer them my congratulations, the current count of active public threads they are being discussed in is now three, aren't they doing well.

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    Probably not. LOL I am in the USA and am not impressed. Don't we have something better?

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