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Thread: BKN Adult Nappy

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    Default BKN Adult Nappy

    Just seen these on the net has anybody heard of them?You can't buy them at the moment as they are still waiting for delivery but they look pretty cool!

    Just wandering if they might be a fake company? Be good if they are not!

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    Holy Crap! These things will hold just over 1-Gallon (US). That's like taking a gallon of milk, and pouring it into your pants! Why would anyone want THIS much wetness - Seriously! 1-Gallon of water weights about 7-pounds. 7 pounds between your leg, while trying to move around without leaking. SMH!

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    looks interesting - good that there's an option to get samples rather than a full pack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InconDLTrucker View Post
    Holy Crap! These things will hold just over 1-Gallon (US).
    Many regular diapers hold that to max capacity. The old Tena slip Maxi is 33xxcc I think.

    But in reality, they'll hold until 1,75-1,9l liter or something.

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    These look absolutely awesome ha ha.

    What do you reckon guys - plastic backed or cloth backed like today's current baby nappies?

    - - - Updated - - -

    I think i'm going to email them and try and find out some more for sure.........

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    Cloth backed, don't care.

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    I'd be careful, the domain is only two days old and is hosted under wix. Also, it is registered under as an individual and not a corporation or company. I am not that familiar with UK addresses, but you probably should see if this is a valid address or not as well:
    1 Smith Street
    TW9 6DR
    United Kingdom

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    could be a scam!!
    I would be leary of ordering from them.

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    It cpu;d be a scam of course. Or it could just be that its a new company trying to produce something cool for our community with currently not too much cash. Maybe we should support them. Nothing much to lose if only a sample is ordered.

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    Pressed the buy button and the message said sold out add your email etc for next first in for next batch. Also said they were plastic backed.

    I wouldn't mind trying them.

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