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Thread: Hi guys, I need some advice.

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    Default Hi guys, I need some advice.

    I have two questions. But first I need to explain something. I'm a 19 year old guy who lives with his parents. They have no idea about my ABDL activities. I've snuck around buying diapers at a 24/7 Walgreens after they went to bed and were asleep. Same with disposing of my diapers. I've only been doing it a week and I'm already tired of it. I want my parents to know about this part of me. So that's my first question. How do I tell my parents in a way they'll understand? I'm afraid they won't accept it and will want to take me to a psychologist or something.

    My second question may be more difficult to answer, but I will appreciate anyone who tries. It is how do I accept this part of me? This is very confusing for me because always, no matter what, I have been able to accept everything about myself. Up until now. If I can't accept it, how can I expect my parents to accept it? I'm having difficulty accepting this part of me, but at the same time neither can I deny it is very much a part of me.

    Any advice will be appreciated.

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    I think you need to do some soul-searching first, and spend a good amount of time on it (not just a week, as you've said) before you can even begin to try dragging your parents into something of this nature. It's not fair at All!

    Like you said - How can you convince others to accept it, when you can't convince yourself?

    Now - my question is this - Since you can't accept it yourself - what made you decide to take this road in the first place, only a week ago?

    Be well!

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    There are a lot of post about this .
    Most have said dont bring your parents into your thing.
    It can damage your relationship with them.
    Cause very much worry for them.
    Very few turn out ok .
    Your child comes to you at your age and says they want to wear diapers first thing your going to think where did I fail as a parent.
    In your hart you know what you should do in this matter.

    Now as for accepting who you are I 'm this way God knows I was going to be this way and yet I was still born.
    So I will live the best I can be kind treat others the best I can live a good life.
    Thats all we can do take care.

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    Work on your own acceptance first. I won't say that telling parents always goes badly but it does often enough that I don't recommend it unless it's really necessary (just wanting to unburden yourself doesn't count in my book). These urges aren't shameful but I do see them as private, and as such, best shared with those who are also into them, or with whom you have an intimate relationship.

    Carefully consider what you stand to gain and lose if you tell and how this may affect your family as well. It's not as though you can hit an Undo button if it doesn't go as you'd like.

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    I think because of how accepting and friendly sites like ADISC are to ABDL, people who post here can get a slightly misplaced view of the likely reaction they'll get when describing their diaper wearing or baby behaviours to a family member/spouse/friend/random guy you once met in Taco Bell.

    I think first you need to work on your own acceptance, and if you've only been wearing for a week, it's probably worth seeing where ABDL takes you next, before you consider how to explain your behaviours to your parents. Acceptance comes gradually, but I think it's worth reflecting on the fact that you're not harming anyone else by wearing diapers. Whether you find them a comfort mechanism, sexually stimulating, or both, there shouldn't be any shame in wearing, or even wetting and messing. You're not involving anyone else against their will, or doing anything morally dubious (at least in my opinion).

    I know that acting on your ABDL tendencies is a confusing and heady mix of emotions, at least at first. You're happy, stimulated (either sexually or mentally) and feel like you're being true to yourself. On the other hand, there's the fear of being discovered and whether to tell anyone. For now, I'd work on making yourself comfortable with your ABDL tendencies, and leave telling your parents for the time being.

    If you'd like to chat anytime, don't hesitate to drop me a PM. I've been through this, and though this is different for everyone, I know more or less what you're experiencing.

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    It was mentioned before but I also totally recommend removing "getting my parents to accept this" from your mind at the moment. I know that a part of is that you currently live with your parents though, which makes things awkward. I had my own personal space, but that never kept my mom from digging in my stuff and finding the dolls I was purchasing. If it's a situation like that then I would understand the worry, but even still I would face that moment as it comes though, rather then involving them without them wanting to be involved.

    It's hard to find self-acceptance. Everyone still struggles with that. I think that's important to remember. Most people don't like parts of themselves, ABDL or not. Everyone is working to be a person they can be proud of. I can say what works for me and my own personal experience is a few things. One, legitimately this doesn't hurt anyone at all. I know that anyone who involves themselves in my life and is upset about things I do personally for me is just being a busybody and that's nothing against me. Secondly, everything comes with positive sides to it that can help to remember in times like this. For me I remember that embracing the way I live has made me a warmer, sweeter, and more open-minded person and that those are genuinely good things.

    Lastly though, I always tell myself that in the end.. I have to live my life for me. If I'm not getting the most out of my life, then I'm wasting it. It's not my job to live other people's lives, to do things the way another person would do it. That's for them. You got to do you.

    I hope any of this helps, but know you have people rooting for you!

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    Hi! I totally agree with the advice above--you've got to get to a point where you totally accept this part of you before you intentionally bring someone else into the know. If you were incontinent, then they might need to know for getting you help medically. But if it's something for your sexual release or emotionally, ask yourself if you think your parents should share something "kinky" in their relationship with you? You have no reason to know that, and now that you're an adult, they have no reason to know about you. That changes when there is a SO in your life who is impacted by what you want to do in the bedroom or with whom you have an intimate relationship far different than the love between a parent and a child. If your privacy is violated, you might have to explain, but don't explain something you shouldn't before you have to. And hope you never have to. Be careful not to set yourself up for discovery by subconsciously leaving clues or trying to be discovered. This is not the same as coming out as being LGBTQ. There's a whole different dynamic to that.

    Good luck.

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    Been there. You're at a crossroads. You can tell and talk to anybody who you feel comfortable with EXCEPT family. Thats my personal rule after livig this lifestyle for going on 20 years. Bringing any family into the equation that is not already known to be "out" as kinky people NEVER ends well.

    The above poster who said they are gonna hate and blame themselves is accurate. And your comment of you ending up in a psychiatrists office is also accurate.

    I had to sneak around my folks with thus stuff for 6 years. Its not easy but you get better at it and you'll tahnk yourself in 10 years that you didnt screw up what you had with your folks.

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