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Thread: i know its been done before but

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    Default i know its been done before but

    I know its been done before but i need some help i love my girlfriend to peices and i was wondering because im no goid talking to anybody in person how do i go about telling her im a DL

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    Well does she realy care for you .
    Is she open to defrent things.
    You know her better then us.
    First of all there are some article's one that comes to mind is understanding infantiesm there are some very smart one's that have the link to that one.
    Then understand she may not like this at all .
    So you can start by talking about fetish's slowly feel it out ask her what she likes .
    Then later say you picked up a fetish book you both look it over make shure it has diapers infantiesm in it .
    Feel it out . Even say you would like to try something's ease into it. Slowly.
    Others have things to say also so I give the floor to them.
    Good luck.

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    Does she have any kinky or fetish ideas or likes already? Most people who already have something they enjoy are more readily acceptable to the kink, fetish, or interest of others, because they already have somewhat of an open mind.

    I have to say though, With all the people that ask this type of question, they always fail to inform us if there's anything they like already, to help us give advice. As FoxKits said - You know here better than any of us!

    Be well, and Good luck!

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    I may not be the person to talk to about this, but heck I have a successful marriage I feel like maybe I do SOMETHING right.

    With me.. I realized that if my girlfriend wasn't going to accept this part of myself then we were never going to work. That was just a fact. I loved this person but I knew I was looking for lifelong companionship and that in that goal crossing this bridge had to happened. I worked up the courage, but I was still deathly afraid when it was happening. You will be. It feels like I how I imagining sky diving is. You just jump. You take the leap. She was alright with it... she actually was confused and thought I wanted her to be the baby and was okay with that too. You can only hope. There is a chance no matter that they won't. You won't know until you take the chance though, and once you do and it eventually happens for you you'll find your connection is only stronger for it because you trusted this person and let yourself be vulnerable with them. It's a important part of showing your loved ones you care.

    I hope the best! Don't deny yourself to your loved one either though! They deserve to see the real and honest you, and get a chance to love that person!

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    I would like to thank yall this little is the happiest he has ever been my girlfriend she thinks its really cut the way i am and she loves me even more for tellin her thnx guys

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