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Thread: Incontinence Dating Website - WARNING !

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    Default Incontinence Dating Website - WARNING !

    "Incontinence Dating" Website - WARNING !

    A few weeks ago, I joined a website called "Incontinence Dating", and paid for an annual membership. - The website URL is www DOT incontinencedating DOT com.

    There is a "Private Chat" feature on the website, as-well-as a "Group Chat" feature, or "Chat Room".

    After establishing my member profile on this website, i started to receive solicitous messages from foreign women in their late teens, 18-19 years old, in my message inbox.

    I noticed that there were very few males in the group, and spotted a few "status update" messages saying things like "why are there no incontinent people in this group ?"

    Extremely few of the women (at least those over 50 within my area) had completed profiles or photos.

    I noticed that a lot of young men and women in the group had visited my member profile, and i was quite curious about that, thinking that i may have been a "featured new member" in the group.

    One very sweet woman in Her late 60s was very proactive in messaging me, both in email "INBOX" messages, and within "Private Chat" when She saw me online. - We exchanged phone numbers, and She called me later that evening a few weeks ago.

    Our conversations in Private Message had been very explicit, and we openly discussed incontinence and diapers in the Private Chat message window.

    During our phone conversation, She said that She was very glad to have met me in the "Over 60 Dating Group". - I stopped the conversation to ask Her to confirm that. - She repeated that She found me on the "Over 60 Dating" group.

    I asked Her if she was aware that my profile was listed on the "Incontinence Dating" group, and She replied, "no". - I asked Her if She was aware that Her own profile was listed in the "Incontinence Dating" group where we had met, and She replied, "NO".

    At that point, i asked Her to log-on to the dating group and open a Private Chat window with me. - She did so, and we began to chat. - She said that we were chatting tgether in the "Over 60 Dating" group. - We were chatting in the "Incontinence Dating" group, from my computer screen.

    I decided to enter the "Group Chat Room" feature for my first time to ask about this peculiar thing. - As i did so, i saw pieces of my private chat messages posted in the group chat room, with various sarcastic responses from other participants in the group. - Some of them were the same members who had viewed my profile.

    One of the young ladies in the group chat said, "PM me and I will help You".

    I opened a Private Chat message box with this young woman. - She immediately demanded o know my email address and Facebook profile. - I declined, thanked Her, and closed the Private Message box.

    In the group chat room, the same young woman typed a message to the group, "Yeah, the asshole was nasty to me too".

    I posted a group message, "Does anyone here have a problem with the ethics of violating other people's privacy and humiliating them" - There were a few "LOLs", and i then logged out of the group chat room.

    I have since been in contact with the woman who called me on he phone.

    She is very nice, and has "no problem with dating men who wear diapers." - However, She also encouraged me to inform others in the community about the "Incontinence Dating" website,so that heir privacy will not be violated, and so that they will not be similarly humiliated and ridiculed.
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    Removed the URL - Any link to a site boosts its rating in Google, even if the surrounding text is critical of the site.

    That experience sounds awful.

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    i noticed that, HogansHeroes, and thank You for that edit ! - However i also noticed, completely by accident, that one doesn't need to be a member of this site, or doesn't need to be logged-in to this site, in order to browse all the messages and profiles inside of this group. - That is very disconcerting to me, and it seems to invalidate any criticisms about "transgressions of privacy and indiscretion" made by individuals in other groups, such as the "ABDL Awareness" and "UnderAwareness" efforts. - So it seems that one must remain completely open to the general community about matters that should be private, and remain completely vulnerable to "gawkers" and "trolls", in order to reach-out to others like ourselves. - It just strikes me as sad that we aren't yet afforded more privacy, when we need it. - But i hope that's what "breaking the public stigma" will eventually help us to do in the future. -

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    Sounds extremely awful of an experience. It's a shame that happened. I hope it doesn't continue to happen.

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    That would make me so mad. I was trying to find ways of being more social with like mind people my age, and that sure makes me very reluctant.
    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience.

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    I remember looking at "niche" dating websites a while back. I found exactly the same -- many of these sites were just "fronts" for one big advertising platform. Not only that, but the impersonal yet forthcoming, flirty responses were clearly automated spam. Fortunately I never paid to subscribe anywhere or let any site have any personally-identifying information about me.

    I notice some interesting clauses in the T&Cs of the Incontinence Dating site (the bold highlighting is mine):

    You acknowledge that you cannot bring legal action against the Company or any of its employees, officers, or agents for any damages of any kind, under any theory, as a consequence of using the Service;
    Is is even legal to include such a term?! And...

    The “Service” is offered through and accessible through a number of other websites in addition to this particular website. By registering with this “Service” you acknowledge and accept that all content that you post to this website may be searchable and available to users of the “Service” who access it via different websites from this website and may be accessible on websites other than this website. You further acknowledge and accept that other members of the “Service” that you may view and communicate with via the “Service” may have registered with and accessed the “Service” through a number of different websites. COMPANY makes an effort to ensure that members of the “Service” are not connected with other members that may be inappropriate and therefore apply various classifications to the various web sites that provide access to the “Service”. By registering with the “Service” you acknowledge and accept that COMPANY may apply certain classifications to your profile due to your accessing the “Service” via this website and may use such classifications to restrict: the availability of communication between yourself and other members of the “Service”; the availability of the details of other members of the “Service” to yourself; and the availability of your details to other members of the “Service”.
    The site is associated with Online Connections Inc. in the US and FBM Online Connections Ltd. in the UK. Some of the dating sites they run (which are all front-ends for one system, by the sound of it) are listed in here:

    Christian Soulmate
    Indian Dating Service
    Cowboy Dating Service
    Meet London Singles
    Meet Local Goths
    Aspergers Dating Site
    Florida Flirt
    Meet Deaf Singles
    Date Over 60
    Meet Cat Lovers
    Meet Horse Lovers
    Autistic Personals
    Meet Dog Lovers
    Over 40 Singles Club
    Cape Town Dating
    Blackburn Dating
    Cheltenham Dating
    BHM Admirers
    Cowboy Dating
    Dating Bikers
    Disabled Dating UK
    Disabled Dating Service
    Deaf Match
    Bipolar Dating Service
    Deaf Dating Club
    Interacial Dating
    Free Deaf Dating
    Ink Dating
    Atheist Dating Service
    Black Military Dating
    Meet Local Girls Tonight
    Michigan Singles
    Meet Single Firefighters
    The privacy policy doesn't sound great, either:

    The subscriber expressly agrees that the Site may use any personal information that has been provided by the subscriber or that has been collected by the Site about the subscriber for any purpose... without limitation... by the Site or third parties.
    ... Please note that personal information about a subscriber may be collected by a third-party web service provider that has an advertising banner or link on the Site.

    The Site is not responsible or liable for the use of any information that a subscriber may provide, or that is gathered...

    Whenever applicable, each subscriber should seek to read the Privacy Policy of any third-party web site provider that has an advertising banner, advertises or has a link on the Site.
    Basically, ANY information you gave to the site will be harvested and sold/given to ANY company advertising on the site. And, any time you see an advert (or even a simple link!), you're expected to look up the advertiser's privacy policy to find out how your data are to be harvested... by which time it'll be too late to do anything about it anyway.

    TL;DR: Dating websites are seriously dodgy. Niche sites are often "fake" front-ends for data harvesting platforms that profit from any information you feed them. I have a suspicion that very few users of these sites are genuinely prospective dates.

    Grrrr! Scams like this make me so mad!

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    That is why I never use a "good"email address for sites. I own my domain and just make-up email addresses, so when I start seeing spam I know what site sold me out and then I close account there and block mail to that address

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    The trouble that i have had with the online ABDL dating groups like Diaperspace, DiaperMates, ABDL_Singles, and now ABDL_Match is that a lot of people aren't whom they say that they are. - The same has always been true of chat rooms like IRC #babyplay, #wetone, #YABDL, etc.

    Groups like this one, and Fetlife, allow group discussions within a social context, so it is at least possible to decide whether or not another individual has the right qualities of character to become a personal friend before committing to a private conversation.

    Attending publicized events for ABDLs, like "munches", CAPCON, TeddyCon, ABDULIA, BouncyTown, US_Littles, and Littles_Invasion, etc., is by far the best way to meet people and build a personal friendship support network. - I have always been afraid or reluctant to talk with, or to meet a person who is unwilling to "meet me half way" by attending an ABDL event where there will be others present who know and like me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kikee View Post
    The trouble that i have had with the online ABDL dating groups like Diaperspace, DiaperMates, ABDL_Singles, and now ABDL_Match is that a lot of people aren't whom they say that they are.
    A different dating parent-company (SuccessfulMatch) hit the news today after being forced to pay US$16.5 million (!) damages for misleading users of its services. A user of PositiveSingles (an STD dating site) discovered his details were shared with other dating sites run by SuccessfulMatch.

    Sounds like you could have a legal case against "Incontinence Dating" for misleading you, kikee!

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    tiny - THANK YOU - but my entire life has been one of betrayal over this, and i would rather lead other victims away from harm, than battling with the monsters who harm the innocent.

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