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Thread: does anybody feel lonely as a diaper lover?

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    Default does anybody feel lonely as a diaper lover?

    My question is for anybody that's a dl... the reasoning for this question is because I just feel lonely.. let me tell you a little bit about myself I'm 25 years old married and no kids just a dog that is awesome and so smart he's a toy poodle.. I've been raised by my dad since I was 8 years old and wish I had a brother or best friend that I can talk to about my dl side and not be afraid they will be quick to judge.. I'm a good person and think I get along with everybody I meet. But I'm still lonely does anyone feel the same way? I have a couple of friends that are great to me but I guess I want friends that are closer..

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    Hey, dlman23. I am quite a bit older than you and am also married, but I totally understand your feelings. I've been lonely for male companionship most of my life. While I have lots of acquaintances, I don't have that one special friend I can just really bare my soul with. I look around and see others that seem to have such friends, but obviously I don't know the depth of their relationship. But I do feel that I've missed that in my life. I don't think my DL side has had anything to do with that though.

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    I wrote an entire novel about loneliness and childhood friendship. The last chapter states that we will never have that relationship that we had with our best friend when we were kids. That said, the father character takes his wife's hand and together they walk out into the sunlight. What that tells the reader is that our relationships change as we get older. I suspect that most of us on this sight would like to be able to go back to the simpler time of our childhood. We know this is impossible, so we must build a new world for ourselves that has meaning, and more than that, someone to love and share our lives.

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    Thanks for the response Gardener and you said it right "bare my soul with" them were the words I was looking for I haven't had that human bond with anybody and I feel empty.. Maybe I hold to much in and I don't express my feelings to anybody cause I have a hard shell and too big of a guard up. Im not sure but I need to work on that from within I'm just scared of getting hurt and I won't know how to deal with that.. just my thoughts that are going on in my head right now. Thanks again friend. . Good advice

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    Good knowledge dogboy and what you said "the fathers character takes his wife's hand and together they walk out into the sunlight" I hope is not the facts cause my father and mother separated when I was 8 and I think from then on I dont want to admit but I felt lonely ever since. I've never shared this information to anybody but I feel comfortable sharing it on here. Thanks for posting I feel good letting it out and expressing my feelings.. ��

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    As a kid I always was lonely, I had A.D.D and could not sit still long enough to have a normal conversation with friends now that I out grow that I can and I dont know how to except it.

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    I suppose I felt a bit alone about being a DL back before I knew there were other DLs in the world. After that, not so much. Knowing was enough.

    I still occasionally hang out with a guy I've known since I was in second grade. He doesn't know about my diaper habit. Many times over the years, I've thought about telling him. And then I think, "Why?" When I play it out in my head, his only response is ever, "Oh, that's interesting." or "Really? Wow." either preceded or followed by an awkward silence. It's sort of an anticlimax. And then I wonder what he'd do with that information. At best, probably nothing. At worst, he might betray my confidence without really meaning to do harm, but then my secret would be out. So, is it worth my grief to tell him? Probably not.

    My wife knows. She stumbled upon part of my diaper stash a few years ago and so I was forced out. She didn't care for the secret-keeping, and I could sense some uncomfortableness about the diapers, but she's accepted it. ... But she doesn't do anything with that knowledge. She doesn't diaper me, buy me diapers, treat me like a baby. Granted, I've never been interested in those things, so it doesn't bother me.

    For some of us, these urges come with a need to socialize about them with the people we are physically close to. For others, that need just isn't there. I suppose I'm in the latter group, for better or for worse.

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    I wish at times that I could meet another little. Someone to share a common thing with. It's hard being alone, even with websites like these. I also don't feel that I have a true close friend, I only have a few, my shyness and my lack of will of going to clubs or bars. My shyness has probably made me lonely as I am now. Being a truck driver didn't help either. I have to much time to think to myself and often gets depressing. I actually feel very alone. I grew up without a father. My mother was always working. Everything builds up the lonely factor even more. Sigh.

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    When I was younger, I like most if not all other teenagers, cared about one thing. Getting rid of the pesky thing called "virginity". Recently I have accomplished this goal, many times over and with many girls, but now I see that that's not what really matters to me. Sure I got that v-card thing out of the way and now I understand that all I want is a girl to cuddle up next to at night and wear diapers with. I want that companionship of having a friend who shares the love for diapers that I have!

    As for your situation, does your wife know about your DL side? Does she partake in it at all?

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    Lonely? Hardly. Most days I have way more company than I want or need.

    Some alone diaper time would be nice.

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    Maxx, Yes alone time is good to fulfill that dl time we all need but I do have friends and a wife but still feel alone. I guess in my head I have to bond with people on a higher level than just have people around. I guess acceptance is the word I'm looking for and being a dl most of us dont have acceptance cause really who would truly understand us unless you meet another person thats a dl.

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    "does anybody feel lonely as a diaper lover?"

    Not any more! I love ADISC!

    Actually both my girlfriend and boyfriend know about my DL obsession. They know I like to play and they play along. Neither have worn yet, but maybe sometime soon.

    But, to have a personal DL friend to share with would be pretty awesome.

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