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    I haved joined a few groups and after reading them I find I am more of an ABDL than I originally thought. I like rubber and plastic pants, and pacifiers. In fact I am sucking a NUK 7 silicone pacifier now, and am wearing an Attends diaper. I am thinking about getting a couple of onesies to wear over my diaper and plastic panty. I like the ones from XP Medical, but do you have a personal favorite or two?

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    When I first wore a onesie, I immediately feel in love. Not only do they bring out my youthful side, but they also make the diaper a lot more comfortable, keeps it from sagging, helps to be more discrete and helps protect the diaper from abrasion and from getting tapes caught on something while rolling around in bed. I also found that adding those stretchy athletic underwear makes things even better. You must know that most of the onesies from places like Babypants are longer and are actually made for us with really thick cloth diapers. However, I know that XP Medical offers a onesie that is more form fitting and I'd made more for disposables. I have a couple of onesies made by Abena but they are discontinued, but they are good and are still in use after probably 7 years now.

    Baby Pants onesies are made out of a soft flannel like what baby clothes are made from, they are really soft and comfy, you will have to measure yourself with a diaper on to get a good fit, they aren't stretchy. I haven't tried any other brands it there, maybe some others might give you their favorite ones.

    Plastic pants are a necessary for me as well. I love the baby pants Gerber White plastic pants. They are tough, very, very crinkly, and have outlasted all other plastic pants that I have purchased.

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