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Thread: Wearing at a Physical Exam

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    Default Wearing at a Physical Exam

    So I am due for a Physical Exam with a new job that I am applying for. It has always been an interest of mine to wear a diaper (Goodnites or something similar) to a physical just as a way to get caught wearing. Just something exciting about wearing one of those gowns with a diaper on underneath. I'll be going to a hospital where I have never been nor do I ever plan to visit again. The only thing I worry about do I explain it? I don't want anything to be written down on the exam report sheet about it since it will be seen by my employer (and maybe a family member). I don't have incontinence and will likely not be wearing diapers to my job. Just want to wear this as a sort of fulfillment exercise. Has anyone else worn to a physical exam? I know some prior posts that I have read have yielded positive and negative results.

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    I would suggest not wearing a diaper at all. You see the employer may very well refuse to hire you just based upon reading that you where wearing a diaper for no reason and might think to not hire you simply because the employer would think you have serious mental health issues. Be advised I am not saying you do but it's not hard to imagine someone who knows nothing about AB/DLism would think that correct? As for me wearing to a physical well I need diapers now for medical reasons so yes but then my primary doctor knows all about the incontinence issues I have been dealing with.

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    Don't mix diapers and your job. It will only turn out bad for you. If you really really want to do this (and I think it is kind of wrong because you'd be using the medical staff to get your fetish jollies off) make an appointment on your own to see a doctor for a physical. Do it in another town from where your job is or something.

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    Not with the job, no. The patient/doctor privilege doesn't count in this case and you could very well lose your chance at this and other jobs if you were to pull something like that.

    You should never involve an unwilling party in your fetish. However, I do support the idea of going to a personal doctor in a diaper if you feel that it is something you want them to know about you. In the same way that your doctor should know as much about your body as you can share with them, as I do feel it is something a doctor should know about you if it comes up in relation to your mental or physical health later on.

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    I did this to my doctor. They show no reaction. They show no hope for changing or anything
    biggest that will happen will it will go on your record.

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    If you don't want anything written down on the report about you having a diaper on, don't wear one. If you're into being 'found out', then I'm sure there are ways you could safely experience that thrill in a way which doesn't put your job prospects in jeopardy, or lead to you working at a job where people with less positive feelings towards ABDL might find out you wear diapers (employers aren't always quite as discreet as doctors). At the end of the day it's up to you, but except for maybe a few seconds of excitement during the physical, no good can come of this...and there could be some bad consequences.

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    Been reading some experiences online and pondering going through with this. I'm leaning away from doing it as I am reading a lot of stories where it was noted on the report that the individual wore a diaper even if they didn't need it. I don't need any negative consequences that put this potential job in jeopardy. This isn't a job that I am in dire need of, but I don't need there to be something on the physical sheet that makes the HR person raise an eyebrow. I had a physical in January for my current job and the Nurse Practitioner was very apathetic. I don't think she would have even made a note on the sheet if had I worn something. She basically signed off on it with no notes and gave it back saying I'd be okay for the job. I guess you just never know what will happen. Oh well. A guy can dream, right?

    Thanks for all the responses, folks!

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    There are other contexts for this. If you want to talk about it with a doctor, wear one to a routine physical. Just NOT one connected to getting a job. If your boss asks a doctor to check you out, you pretend to be as normal and healthy as possible.

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    Echoing what others have said, for the most part. I'd say go for it, if it wasn't for your job being connected to it. In this situation, no way.

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    Maybe you'll get hired FOR wearing Goodnights. I mean come on, who doesn't want to wear goodnights? If I was hiring, it's the first thing I would be looking for. Actually I wouldn't care myself. I wouldn't think it should matter any more then telling the doctor your gay or bi, but there is prejudice hiding under every rock.

    Don't do it.

    Where I live, we have the concept of a Family Doctor, or Primary Physician. If and when I have to go, and I need to take off my clothes, I'm simply going to say that I enjoy it, and I've discussed the issue in depth with my Therapist. Case closed. My doctor already know I'm nuts anyway.

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