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    I like the taste of baby food, I like taking small spoonfuls from a colorful baby spoon, and I like how it makes me feel like a very young child when I am in the right mood. Does anyone else here like to eat baby food?

    I usually buy the banana pudding, tapioca pudding, apple-banana-strawberry pudding, and applesauce. I've tried blueberry and other flavors too. The sweets and desserts are my favorite, I have not tried any vegetables or meaty mush kind. If you have tried/eat baby food on occasion, which are your favorites?

    When I go to the grocery store or a drugstore, I look up and down the baby aisles to see if any cute toys pop out at me, or bottles, pacifiers etc. So having baby food when I am "cubbing out" makes for a good accessory!

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    I actually never even thought of incorporating baby food into regressing...They never look that tasty

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    Heeeey!!! Ive never thought of that . Mmm i dont think i would like the tastes to much tho.

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    I can say that the dessert foods are very tasty! They taste much the same as a regular pudding or applesauce. I have not tried the dinner foods because the vegetables and meat are mush, but they probably are similar to the product, just cold and blended.

    I usually pick Gerber foods, and there are differences in texture between the steps, each step taken is a growing stage for the baby. When I regress, I try to incorporate lots of aspects of baby materials into my time!

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    A lot of baby food is very gritty, probably to help the baby teeth. I've never been a fan of the stuff.

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    The only time I've ever tried baby food was when a family member had their tonsils removed. Good thinking! For me it never really came to mind.

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    I've tried fruits and they were pretty good. The meats and pastas were kinda wierd and bland tasting. I didnt try veggies cuz I hate veggies.

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    Yeah, the vegetable kind isn't very tasty at all. I haven't tried the dessert kind before, so I'll look into it c:

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    I have not eaten baby food in years. Used to love it. If I remember right I ate it for a wile after I was eating other stuff.(May be wrong on that note.)
    On an Odd note my mother has bought some for when she was sick(Was one of the few things besides soup she could eat)And when my grandmother was sick(before she died) And we still have some left I think...

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    The only type I like is banana, and apple sauce ones. I've loved that stuff my whole life ^^

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