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Thread: Aww So Cute Advertising

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    Default Aww So Cute Advertising

    Is it just me, or does the advertising for Aww So Cute seem sexually based?

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    I think it is fairly promiscuous.

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    Yeah, but so what? Adult-Baby-themed-bondage is also a thing, y'know.

    Besides, the models are all over 18, so there's not really a legal or moral issue.

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    FeekaDimension, I'm not saying it's illegal. I'm just saying it seems like they're using sex appeal to sell their products. Kind of odd for a company named Aww So Cute.
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    Well here's the thing their customer base(most of it most likely not all of it) is most likely into the sexual side of AB/DLism, and well sex sells. I am not saying I approve of this but that is the reality. From a business standpoint it does make sense if you wanted to sell AB/DL oriented diapers this would get you more sales. There's probably more to it then that but this does partially explain why they appear sexually based.

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    For me personally, the sexual aspect is very strong in my ABDL fetish. I really like their marketing. I would still buy the diapers regardless, but it's nice to have hot diaper girlies to look at while I check out

    I hope this doesn't deter potential buyers. Aww so cute is a great company (I've made two orders and have always gotten tracking and a quick shipment) so I say give em a try! This company will be solid gold once the crib and onsies are finally released. Already started saving up, lol



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    See and for some people it's sexual, and for others like me, it's more a lifestyle than a fetish. And I guess that's where the difference lays. I'm willing to bet that a majority if not all of their models are not even AB's.

    Awww So Cute is an okay company. They have very limited products, and their communication is terrible. I sent them an email about 3 months ago inquiring about the new Inflatable adult baby crib. I still have yet to hear back from them.

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    Sadly I think you are right when you say that the models probably arn't ABs. I love tumblr because you can find a lot of genuine AB/DLs on there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrinklesTheBunny View Post
    FeekaDimension, I'm not saying it's illegal. I'm just saying it seems like they're using sex appeal to sell their products. Kind of odd for a company named Aww So Cute.
    I don't remember if this was something I read or if it's just an impression I've gotten from the overall feel (and grammar errors) of the site, but isn't AwwSoCute a Japanese brand? I know in Japan, being cutesy and youthful, especially as a woman, is seen as very sexy and desirable. Think "moe" and you'll understand the kind of feel I'm talking about. It's apparently a cultural thing that goes way back. I wouldn't be surprised if China and Korea also have the same "girlish" ideal, since a lot of their pop culture is similar to Japan's, but I don't know about that for sure.

    In any case, the diapers themselves definitely have a more Japanese-type mascot than ones from companies like Cuddlz and Bambino, and the website itself has that bubbly "kawaii idol" feel, so it doesn't surprise me that they're catering to an adult audience who gets their kicks on being childish and sexual at the same time.

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    Might be. That's a good observance FeekaDimension. I never gave that much thought until you just said something. Says they're based out of Los Vegas on their site though, so I have no clue.

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