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Thread: anyone have experience with abdl nurseries?

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    Default anyone have experience with abdl nurseries?

    I would be interested in trying one out. It would be new for me. Obviously, I would need to find a nursery where pooping is ok, and that rules out quite a few. I found one that is interesting, but the travel would be hard to pull off. I dont know if it is worth it. Anyone have any experience?

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    I have yet to visit a nursery but due to my partner going cold on the whole AB/DL thing I am considering it.
    I have found two fairly near me in London and on their websites the rules are clearly laid out. This includes whether they allow poopy nappies or not.
    One of the nurseries offers two female caretakers sessions which sounds like heaven lol

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    The only one even remotely close to me is two states away, and VERY expensive since its nanny is apparently a professional expert at various types of BDSM roleplay as well... though she has a separate area for the AB play, of course.

    It sounds like heaven though... she's got closets full of costumes for both herself and patrons, and even has nappies from pretty much every single brand you can think of. She even specifically welcomes babyfurs on her site! I wish I wish I wish...

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    The one I am thinking about is quite a long way away which is good and bad. Good because I can guarantee privacy even dressed as a baby in public. It's bad due to the long travel time. They allow messy diapers which for me is a must.

    Due to exchange rates, the price is decent for 24/7 on a weekly basis. They allow long stays which is interesting. I have contacted the nanny, but I just don't know yet.

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    If you really want the caregiver experience, and have the disposable income to spend on it, I'd say they're worthwhile. Whilst it's not quite the same as having a caregiver who you're in a relationship with, or otherwise close to, it's the next best thing. Besides, the Mommies/Daddies/Nannies at these places tend to be experienced, understand the ABDL world intimately, and are usually very attentive. It can be a slightly nerve-racking experience at first, and the costs at a few of these places are extortionate, but if you've found a decent value nursery, I'd say it's probably worth going to it.
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    Mommy Madeline (normally out of Chicago) claims to do a 'tour'. One can sign up for an e-mail when she will be in your town. Her rates are expensive, not sure what the tour rates will be. I think my wife would consider this a form of cheating so I will have to talk to her first about it. But to be honest, I think she will be just as upset about me spending that kind of money. So, interesting but I don't think I am likely to be using her services, or the services of somebody like her, anytime soon. Anyway, just had a funny thought. It is probably cheaper to get a 'lady of the night' and say 'you know, I know this is odd and you probably don't get asked for this much.... but would you mind.....' Imagining the kind of stuff they have to put up with, some role-play and a diaper change might just be easy money!

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    I would never use a lady of the night. Completely wrong since my ab side is completely non sexual by choice. I would rather use someone with considerable ab/disability experience so there are little to no surprises on either side. Just my taste

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    I liked the second link much better. The first one looked scary.

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    DPRPants -- that's exactly who I was talking about! Looking at her website (thoroughly combing it over) she makes it clear that she's experienced with a LOT of different types of ABDLs and she seems to take great care to respect her customer's limits. I've read various reviews on all her services and they're all consistent with her claims... she also has a full stock of every type of diaper at all times, plus costumes etc. so I'm pretty sure you get what you pay for.

    I'm not in a relationship with anyone so "cheating" isn't an issue for me.

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    I wish I could - I keep searching for other nurseries or nannies that can come to hotels and such. I do, though, want to visit that Mommy Madeline on one of her tours. I just have to save up.

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