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Thread: Trying to make new profile pic/avatar

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    Default Trying to make new profile pic/avatar

    Trying to make a new pic with same style as my current.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The idea was to make a shadow of a toddler in the matrix...but I'm not the best artist lol... Any hints on how to make this better?

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    Well, you could download a free trial of photoshop(probably other programs out there, but this is what i know).

    Have the matrix as the background layer, put the toddler shape on a new layer (layer 1).
    Create layer 2 and then ctrl+left click the thumbnail of layer 1.
    Press ctrl+i to invert the selection, and then on layer 2 fill the selection with white(or whatever color you want).
    Delete or hide layer 1.
    Adjust Layer 2's opacity setting until you get what you were looking for.

    If you do this, feel free to fiddle around with filters and such. This is just what comes to mind on how I could do it.

    if you have trouble getting the toddler shape, get an image and try using the magnetic lasso tool in photoshop to create a selection of the right shape (this is can be a little tedious; but if you mess up you can always fix slight errors in the selection with other selection tools and holding down ctrl or alt to add/subtract from the selection)

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    The toddler shape is the part I'm having problems with. Idk, tomorrow I'll have to see if there are any tv characters that I can use the outlines from. or just keep sketching stuff in paint/gimp till I get something that looks human rofl...

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