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Thread: Holy cow, Bellisimos!

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    Default Holy cow, Bellisimos!

    So just tried some Bellisimos for the first time. Wow. These things are insane. Hold a TON, leakproof even when flooding, and bulky as all get out. They don't start out very bulky, but after a couple of wettings it was utterly impossible to bring my knees together, and I was literally forced to waddle with my legs splayed way out. I love it, but they're anything but subtle. You can get away with hiding them under clothes when dry, but use them once and you can forget about it. If the bulk isn't visible, your waddling walk definitely will be. There is NO way to walk normal with these things.

    I drank a ton of water after putting my first one on, just to see how good they were. Multiple wettings while standing, sitting, and laying in bed, and no leaks or anything even close to one. So, I have to say, these things are nuts.

    Just a note: I am at the top of the medium size range. If you're in between sizes, go lower. They will fit much better. On Bambinos, the large size doesn't have any more absorption than the mediums, just a different cut and wider landing area. The different cut will ruin their wicking if it's too large for you, leaving you itchy.

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    Interesting report. Thanks for that. Would like to try these myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soggyboy View Post
    Interesting report. Thanks for that. Would like to try these myself.
    Go for it, they're worth the money.

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    I can walk just fine in them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BouncyBoy View Post
    I can walk just fine in them.
    Then you must have kept them from expanding. I certainly can't. Not by a long shot.

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    No. When you take the diaper out, with a hand on each side, strectch it out. Then fold it in half length wise. This will help you form a cup shape between your legs and around your junk. Furthermore, after putting it on, put your hand down inside the front and push it out (up and down) to help shape the cup. The diaper should almost be folded between your legs and cupped around your parts.

    Yes I've worn these up to 2 liters. You don't need the full witdh of the diaper pushing your legs open.
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    I can definitely attest that these really are 12-hour diapers. Possibly more. Handle multiple wettings like a champ, which is impressive because when I wet, I always flood. I've never had a problem with leaking, unless I was pointing up - and even then it's very, very rare.

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    Wow, they really do sound fantastic. I think I'm gonna go with a Bellissimos sample pack for my first real ABDL diapies. :3

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    Those sound awesome... I've never tried Bambinos but now I sorta want to...

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    Count me in as another who will be trying these in the future. Not very many diapers on the market I have not had covering my butt, most are Overseas that are only sold there, but these and the Classicos are on my hit list

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