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    Well all of my friends are in relationships, and they are all happy. Don't get me wrong I am happy for them too, but all I have to show is a potato. They are all happy in relationships or engaged.. while I am here singing and playing guitar for my potato. So, what have you done with a potato recently?

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    Politburo send secret police to take potato. Now no potato. Only sadness.

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    *Vegeta voice* My Potato!!!!!!!!! *goes super saiyan* NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

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    Wait.... that looks nothing like Kakarot...

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    A fellow was on the beach one day and noticed a Frenchman next to him with all kinds of bikini clad girls hanging all over him. Finally the guy gets up and walks over to the Frenchman to speak with him. "What's your secreat with the girls?" He asks the Frenchman. "I don't have much luck with the girls on the beach." The Frenchman looks at the guy and says, "It is easy, Monsieur! Just put a potato in your swimsuit and it drives the girls wild!" So the guy decides to try it. The next day he's on the beach agan when the Frennchman shows up. Once again he goes over to talk with the guy. "Hey! I did what you said and put a potato in my swimsuit but it's not working! In fact, the girls look at me and go running away!" The Frenchman looks at him and says, "Monsieur, the Potato goes in the front!"
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    Does a baked potato count for anything. With bacon and slippery cheese filled with gooey butter :p The warmth of the butter melts deep inside the lines and pours at a luscious pace out of the potato and when you sink your fork into it, the bacon pours along inside and pounds the heart every two seconds. Then, the melting cheese slops all around inside banging the walls inside while your fork punctures inside the potato, then you eat it
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