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Thread: Research. I want ab, but it doesn't want me

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    Default Research. I want ab, but it doesn't want me

    Hi everyone,

    So the wife is gone for a month, and we talked in the airport about me exploring the AB side of things. She's totally cool, etc etc etc. But...I can't get into the "head space". I'm a firm believer that this lifestyle...for me, a DL...isn't a choice, but who I am. After doing, and failing at, the AB side of things, I am even more firm in my assumptions. I want the baby side...but I feel a bit stupid. I mean, I had my bottle, my binkie and my onsie, and tried to get in the mode, but it didn't work! This, to me, is proof positive being AB or DL is NOT a choice. Because, I tried to choose, and came up empty. If there was a pill I could take to make me AB, I'd take it. Anywho, for those having doubts and who trust a stranger...enjoy it. Its not your fault, you didnt choose it, nothing can change it, so revel in it. I just wish I could. Any thoughts or suggestions on how I can be...a baby? I want it so bad!

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    I think there might be more to it than you're guessing at this point. I've always had an AB side but it's different than I typically see described. I had very little interest in behaving in a stereotypically little fashion as it's all about the juxtaposition of an adult with infantile status for me. However, in taking care of my own little one and in socializing more broadly with ABDLs, I've gotten to see that that the the more common approach has some merit as well. I don't know if I'll ever feel it in the same way as they do but I can feel some of it. It's a matter of being comfortable with yourself and being ridiculous. We do lots of things that are objectively ridiculous without a second thought but this is one that can be quite enjoyable if you allow it. Time and practice, just like most anything.

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    It only works for me if I'm alone, and don't think about what I may look like to others, or look in a mirror etc.

    I can get into my little head space quite easily, but can just as easily be snapped straight back out of it if conditions aren't right. If I'm having some little time, it only takes the phone to ring, the sound of a car pulling up outside, or a glimpse of myself in the mirror to suddenly start to feel quite ridiculous and lose the mood. I'm fairly self conscious, and if I become to aware of how silly I may look to others, or I feel a risk of discovery, then it's impossible to proceed.

    Maybe you're trying too hard with your perception of what you think is required. I'm not into playing with toys or plushies, or pacifiers, bottles or sippy cups when I'm little. It makes me feel silly. But I can quite easily wet my nappy while imagining that I've just finished a bottle.

    Maybe start with the basics you enjoy and work backwards. Put on a diaper, use it, then picture yourself as the age you wish to be. Imagine the background story of how your little finished up in the diaper, and try to get into the mode from there, rather than try to start off from scratch and proceed into it. It's amazing how little I can feel in a wet diaper or wet pants. But sometimes starting off dry and trying to get into it doesn't work.

    And hey, if it doesn't work for you then in reality it's no big deal. Maybe a DL is your thing, and not being AB. It's a matter of experimentation, and you can have lots of fun with the expiriments!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtrabulk View Post
    I want the baby side...but I feel a bit stupid. I mean, I had my bottle, my binkie and my onsie, and tried to get in the mode, but it didn't work!
    What were you doing?
    I've found that it's easier to regress if you do stuff. It wouldn't feel right without being padded, having a paci, etc; but if you put all the hype around just those things it's gonna be a little boring. Without something to focus on it's easy for it to feel forced.

    You should try playing with toys...Just seeing my Larvitar plushie is enough to trigger my little side.

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    You may be more a toddler coloring legos stuff like that.
    Some are not full on babys you may be sippy cups cartoon plates.
    Gi joe ,.

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    I think wanting it is half the journey, but I also think it's triggered by psychological factors. Out of an entire population, there is a very small and finite part of that population that regresses in age to that of a toddler or baby. There has to be early experiential factors that creates this mind space. The mind has a way of leading itself to where it wants to be. If it comes, it comes, but I don't think it can be forced. Enjoy wearing diapers, and add some babyish things to it. I like watching the Baby Channel on Direct TV. We all have our different triggers, so see what might work for you.

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    It's different for everyone, for me I didn't use the computer much when I was younger except for email, chipmunkd music and to look a word up . A few years ago I got my first package of diapers and that's all I new about, I had no idea of the existence of the adult baby aspect of it until years later . The excitement in wearing diapers for me put me on hold from realising the ab side and besides that I wasn't ready emotionally wise. As a 15 year old then and with just enough for a phone and diapers . My point is try if you haven't already some time, kinda ease yourself into it with just the diapers then after awhile see if your comfortable to reach the AB part.

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    Myself as an example can confidently assert that being little can, in fact, be learned. I had always been a diaper lover while being a caretaker for my gf. When I decided I wanted to switch roles with her, I realized that being AB is awesome with some time and effort put into it

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    Sometimes what helps for me is walking around in a baby supply store, like Babies R' Us or Buy Buy Baby, and looking at all the stuff they have in there. You could probably get away with spending at least 20 minutes checking out the scents of various baby lotions and baby baths etc. and find one that makes you feel little all over... plus you get to look at all the fun toys and blankets they have in there, too! It sorta helps you figure out what things your little side wants the most.

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    I saw this thread and it peaked my intrest. It is important to know it is a choice, and at that, it
    is a PRIVILAGE. An ABILITY if you may. Bear in mind that your subliminal mind is stopping you. You
    need to somehow slow it down....

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