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Thread: Any faith in this world?

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    Default Any faith in this world?

    I had my 11-month old niece in my hands and I wanted to go outside so she could watch the cars go by, but while I proceeded there were two young guys (One on a bicycle, the other one walking) The walking one was playing with himself on my frikkin street while walking away and the other one was bike riding in the middle of the damn road. I yelled out "Don't y'all have any damn respect?" The dude pulled his pants up but I swear I wanted to call the cops. The bicyclist still stayed in the road.

    I hate the way people do dumb ass moments like this, just get's kinda disgusting but yet, they get away with it. I don't know how anyone handles stupid or rhetorical situations like this or something different but in the same manner but my mom wouldn't let me call the police because they already pulled them up. That's life apparently but I can't blame the world, I blame the parents but that's my opinion.

    I know how I would have handled it but something tells me it would have ended badly for me. Has anyone had any altercations with something stupid like I just named above me?

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    Have some respect for those of a different 'cultural' persuasion. Diversity is good. <sarcasm>

    Sadly, I see this in my own neighborhood lately, even though anyone who looks at our zipcode thinks "upscale". I'm not allowed to say anything either, or call the police, since the shady characters are probably in Mrs. Maxx's charge at the local high school. They're special (=short bus, illegal, inner city exports, or just effin' nuts). She's good with a whip and a chair (= circus animal act...)

    P.S. 11 months is fun. My granddaughter is 11 months. Everything is new to her. She's good at giggling and making faces, rarely cries (at least with me... Junior and Mrs. Junior have their hands full I'm sure.) Not walking yet, although she's been on the edge of it for 3 months. I think she got so good and quick at crawling that she hasn't decided walking is worth the effort...yet.
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    Meh, I've got a very "if it doesn't directly effect me, I don't care" attitude. Guy wants to jerk off in the streets, all the power to him, `long as he doesn't block my driveway. That said I live in a decent area with very little nonsense. I specifically chose an area well away from any school zones, so very few dumb teenagers hanging around or kids who will eventually become dumb teenagers. Not that adults can't be plenty dumb, but at least they tend to have a grasp of consequences (i.e. the police showing up actually scares them).

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    My wife and I enjoy watching Judge Judy while we're getting dinner ready. Her show has some of the dumbest, most disgusting idiots on it, having done stupid things. Our society is made of the good, the bad, and the idiots. It pays to get a descent education so that you can make enough money to live in a good zip code. Even then, you'll have intelligent neighbors who do stupid, annoying things. I suspect it's the human condition.

    Part of the problem is that we watch the news reports and of course, they typically show the worst of us, ignoring the noble things done by unknown individuals. Humans can be magnificent in their compassion, their inventions and creations, and they can make me want to spend more time with my dog than with them.

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    I typically ignore the news, there's never anything of good displayed on television. I guess people crave the bad. Also, things are usually over exaggerated on television just to make things more interesting.

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    Nah the world is gone to shit, welcome to Earth please take a seat. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeTaLMaNN1983 View Post
    I typically ignore the news...
    Me too. When was the last time someone saw the news and did something in response? If you watch the TV news every day for a year, what proportion of articles will have benefited or informed your life in some practical way?

    News coverage is so biased and selective (and only designed to catch your attention to sell your "eyeballs" to advertisers) that it thrives on sensationalism and irrelevant invasions of privacy. News is never sufficiently in-depth to allow informed debate (the point, of course, is not to inform you, but to prey on your emotional responses to engage you whilst adverts are played [or, in the case of the BBC channels where adverts are not shown, to effectively advertise the BBC brand itself]).

    Quote Originally Posted by Snivy View Post
    I yelled out "Don't y'all have any damn respect?" The dude pulled his pants up... The bicyclist still stayed in the road.
    Such is life. There will always be things outside of our control, and (for me, especially) part of learning to cope with reality is in accepting that some stuff you can't change.

    It might annoy or offend you that "some people have no respect"... That's quite understandable! But don't internalise their actions and let them run through your mind as if there was something you could have done to "fix" the situation. They annoyed you; you told them so; they didn't seem to care. What else could you have done? There's no point getting angry about it. If anything, perhaps it makes sense to feel a pride in yourself that you don't have the tragic psychological insecurities of the guy you saw. What kind of sad, shallow, insecure person would "pleasure himself" in public?! What kind of rage against the world must he be feeling to do something so deliberately provocative?

    (Assuming he wasn't obstructing or endangering traffic, however, the cyclist has an absolute right to be in the road. Just sayin'...)

    Have you read "A Catcher in the Rye" by J.D.Salinger? People tend to love it or hate it, but I think it's a great story about a high-school kid called Holden having a nervous breakdown about the (literal and metaphorical) graffiti he sees littering the world, corrupting his young sister (he believes) whose "innocence" he is desperate to preserve (out of an insecurity about losing his own happy "innocence" as he becomes ever-closer to adulthood).

    In Holden's mind, at the top of a large cliff is a field of rye. Holden imagines children happily playing and running through the tall rye (over which they cannot see) towards the cliff edge. Holden sees it as his job to protect the children and catch them before they fall off the cliff and into adulthood and a world of lost innocence. It's the kind of thing I imagine AB/DLs might find familiar...

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    I have quite a lot of faith in the world, I just don't have much faith in certain people. What you witnessed that kid doing in the street, Snivy, is indecent and just plain disgusting for other people to see, but it's not a reflection on anyone else but that one individual. It's easy to see things in public and think what is the world coming to, and to wonder whether people care about anyone around them, which is an issue I pondered the other week when I saw a woman hit her toddler because he fell over.

    That said, the population of the world is enormous. It includes people who donate generously to charity, are kind and compassionate members of their community, and are hardworking, honest folk who provide for their family. It also includes obnoxious youths who rub their penises in the middle of the street (this sentence sounded less ridiculous in my head) and the kind of people who mistreat those around them for no good reason. It's important to keep faith in the world, but to be prepared for seeing all kinds of examples of idiocy along the way...

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    Riding in the middle of the street sounds stupid but may not be a big deal depending on traffic at the time. Someone exposing himself and masturbating in public is a serious issue that could easily result in the person being convicted of an offense and being required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life if the police were involved. On behalf of the rest of society I thank you for having the courage to confront the perp and attempting to remedy the situation.

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