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Thread: Price per diaper? (Premium Brands)

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    Default Price per diaper? (Premium Brands)

    Hello! I was just curious, has anyone bothered to calculate the price per diaper of the top brands when bought by the case?

    I'm mostly looking to compare bambino teddies and Dry 24/7, but I'd be thrilled to check out the other brands if anyone knows where those numbers are floating around?


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    Go on diaper web site and look as p&P and price varies due to your location and web site location
    Simple maths cost of case inc p&P divided by amount of diapers in case

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    My costs per case on Absorbency Plus Level 4's from XP Medical on Auto Ship is $1.31 per diaper. That's also with free shipping. That's on a case of 64 @ $84.50 per case.

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    The biggest thing is the supplier you use, and the size case you use. Just go your favorite supplier and divide the case price by the number of diapers it contains. If you will keep track of the per diaper prices, you can make your database for handy reference.

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    Good timing because I just updated my list of prices! All I have are prices for cases in size medium.
    ((Prices updated on Oct. 3 2014))
    BAMBINO (shipping included)
    Abena M4 (Size Med.)
    case of 42 ($59.95) = $1.43 each
    Bellissimo (Size Med.)
    case of 48 ($90.72) = $1.89 each
    Teddy/Classico/Bianco (Size Med.)
    case of 48 ($67.86) = $1.41 each
    Tena Slip Maxi (Size Med.)
    case of 72 ($114.95) = $1.60 each
    TotalDry Ultimate Boost Ups(pads)
    case of 104 ($63.44) =$0.61 each

    XPMEDICAL (cases = free shipping)
    Abena M4 (Size Med.)
    case of 42 ($59.95) = $1.43 each
    Tena Slip Maxi (Size Med.)
    case of 72 ($114.95) = $1.60 each
    Absorbency Plus (level 4 med. or reg.)
    case of 64 ($89.95) = $1.41 each
    Absorbency Plus (level 3 med. or reg.)
    case of 64 ($75.95) = $1.19 each
    Abena AbriLet Maxi (booster pads)
    case of 120 ($59.95) = $0.50 each
    ON SALE:
    Conficare Dry24/7 (Size Sm.)
    case of 72 ($110.95) = $1.54 each
    Conficare Dry24/7 (Size med.)
    case of 72 ($110.95) = $1.54 each
    Original Absorbency Plus (lvl 4 med.)
    case of 64 ($69.95) = $1.09 each

    ABUNIVERSE (shipping extra)
    Cushies (Size Med.)
    case of 80 ($126.00) = $1.58 each
    Plus $12.00 Shipping = $1.73 each
    Super Dry Kids (Size Med.)
    case of 80 ($112.00) = $1.40 each
    Plus $12.00 Shipping = $1.55 each

    I hope this helps!

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    Very nice! How about some other categories like cheap diapers or pull-ups. How about a cloth diaper cpd? Or we could start a contest to see who has the cheaper in each category. Like aio, flat, prefold, pull-up, we could divide the diapers into categories like 8-20 oz, 20-30 oz 30 plus would probably all be premium.

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    "on sale" is of course the way to go. As long as you've found a fair selection of what you like, wait for a sale and get a case or two. Repeat as sales come up. Works as long as you have a little financial flexibility. Just remember, diapers are an investment in your future

    There are a few companies that have sales on a fairly regular basis. Others just do it occasionally or when new designs are out.

    Some of the best deals are when they are changing designs. They'll put the old ones on steep discount for as long as they last, and often have a small discount on the new ones too.

    Many of these require you to be on their mailing list, as they will send you a link to a part of their web site not accessible from their main page. So it pays to sign up. I opt out of the newsletters but keep myself on their "specials" lists.

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    I would also like a database made for cloth diapers. I've seen so many different companies out there and very little reviews about them. Even less are detailed reviews that I like, I'm a detail whore i guess.

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    I usually just have an excel spreadsheet and update it every so often. I only follow a few cloth diapers, most diapers I keep up with are the premium plastic backed ones. I find that certain websites have the best deals with certain diapers. Unique Wellness are always doing sales, I've seen them send completely different discount rates at the same sale time to two different emails.

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    One thing that a lot of these spreadsheets don't show is value for the money. You may be able to find some cheap store brand diaper for less than $1.00 a diaper and think it's a great deal compared to the premium brands, but you end up going through twice as many because absorbency sucks on them.

    Of course, there are plenty of variables to keep in mind besides just absorbency (wicking, diaper features, etc.), I don't know that there's any formula to get diapers to a truly equivalent pricing as of yet.

    Could be an interesting project...

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