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Thread: How many diapers per day do you use?

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    Default How many diapers per day do you use?

    For me, 6 a day is normal, some days 7-8. I use diapers designed for overnight use to minimize leaks. Just curious about everyone else

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    Ever since I decided to go full 24/7 over a month ago, I average about 4 goodnites and 1-2 premium (Abena, molicare, tena) a day. Best decision I have every made and have never been happier!

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    i have been 24/7 for 38 years. On average I get changed more then 2000 times a year by my caregivers

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    usually about 3. I wear 24/7 but while i'm at work I don't use my diaper till the day is almost over, so i have a bit of time that I have to use the toilet.

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    Generally one, maybe 2 :P I'm such a loser compared to you guys lol. I'd love to go full 24/7 some day.

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    But 4/5 but i'm on my 3rd now so it will be 5 today

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    money is super tight for me right now so during the day i have to stick to a potty schedule, so i usually use 1 or 2 a day. Depending on if i am playing video games as i will always loose track of time playing.

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    For today it looks like a normal day. One disposable and two cloth diapers. Some days I use an extra disposable.

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    3 to 5 a day. Usually 2 to 4 during the day and one overnight. All premium. Dry 24/7 during the day. Large Bellissimo at night.

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