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    I got into a discussion with a friend tonight and we reached a point where we were discussing the use of diapers vs pull ups and the age of our little sides. It got us to wondering is it common to have an age range or do many littles have a solid age? I range from around 2.5-4yrs because I prefer both diapers and pull ups and so it varies based on my mood. I wanted to ask what is your age? What factors contributed to your decision? Any other thoughts on the fluidity of age range? Do you think it's common?

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    It's common for many to have an age range that varies. I however am solidly ab infant because I need and want the constant care and support

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    This is a fairly consistent curiosity and yes most people here identify as having some range to their little persona. For me it's really kinda tied to the level of regression. When I'm feeling playful I'm probably feeling toddlerish.... Say around 2-3, but when I snuggle down and really slip into regression I'd say I'm behaving pretty much like no more than a one year old. I love escaping into that age range, everything changes, it's an awesome feeling.

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    I'd say I usually identify at about 18 months, but I find it takes away from some of the fun if you try to fit your behaviour to an exact age, because I think we all pick and choose different bits from childhood.

    For example, I quite like just laying on my back watching my mobile go round, and shaking my rattle whilst I talk to Mommy. If I was 18 months old, I probably wouldn't be too interested in a mobile or a rattle, I'd probably have moved onto toy cars and plushies. On the other hand, I like doing older toddler activities like drawing pictures, and reading my board books, usually whilst still wearing very babyish clothes and drinking from a bottle.

    Sometimes, I even like wearing my Cheeky Monkey onesie whilst having a glass of wine and watching shows like Bones and True Detective, which are probably too adult and complex for most young toddlers!

    I like the idea of choosing a baby/little age, because it makes the regression seem more real to me, but in truth I (like many ABs/Littles) enjoy doing activities or exhibiting behaviours which don't really correlate with the usual development of our chosen age(s).

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