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Thread: Anyone here know about #Gamergate?

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    Default Anyone here know about #Gamergate?

    Im just wondering if anyone here is pro/anti Gamergate?

    To make long story short Game Journalist are corrupt.

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    i go to lets plays for honest game coverage and reviews.

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    I read an article on it somewhere that basically said that the entire concept that was #Gamergate was complete BS. Beyond that, I don't really pay enough attention to any of it know whether that's true or not. Though, in my experience, anything claiming that an entire profession or group of people are corrupt, part of a conspiracy, etc. is inflammatory nonsense with some ulterior motive.

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    Personally, I go on Funnyjunk for my social media updates, which means everything is very filtered, but from what I know of Gamergate, there are a lot of gaming journalists that communicate with each other about what and how they should review certain games, and a little less than unbiased reviews on their part. But the fact that it has escalated this much, with a lot of people and groups becoming involved that don't need to be. Let's all just use our heads, and get back to playing video games again.

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    I honestly can't wait to slowly purge gaming journalism from SJW's. They've been tainting the gaming industry with their nonsensical arguments that gaming as an art is almost nonexistent. Those who are participating and are Pro-gamergate are winning. We are slowly pulling the plug on some websites that receive financial backing for example companies like Intel and Navidia. We can't stop now, we got these journalists with their pants down and they don't know how to react.

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    My passing understanding of it is that an ex-boyfriend publicly accused his indie developer ex-girlfriend of cheating on him by sleeping around with gaming journalists in hopes of getting better reviews, and it was clear that the cheating happened but wasn't really clear whether better reviews had come of it. This led to one part of the internet piling on against the girlfriend, another part of the internet piling on about misogyny and how "gamers" are a male-dominated sexist group, other concerns about how close the gaming media was to the industry it covered, and another angle with gaming media declaring the death of the "gamer" as an image.

    The whole thing seemed like a confusing mountain made from a molehill, where everyone who didn't have anything better to do than react to obscure gaming news on the internet piled on.

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    Basically, Zoe Quinn, who is an indie developer (as Fruitkitty said) broke up with her boyfriend, who went round a number of gaming forums so he could whip up hate against her. He said that she cheated on him, which if so, is tough for him - though that is not the way to tackle the issue. He also said that she slept with a male reviewer to get a good review for a game she'd worked on. There's absolutely no record of the review he referred to, and there's just a ton of holes in this part of his story.

    However, angry misogynists took up his 'cause' (I use the term very loosely), to petition for game reviewers to be more impartial. Whilst payments (financial or otherwise) in exchange for good reviews do happen in the Gaming industry, and are a problem, there's no evidence that Zoe Quinn was involved in this. Basically, it's been an excuse for lonely, angry individuals to gang up on a woman who dared to be involved in gaming, because one guy with a very patchy hard-luck story encouraged them to.

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    lol alright. I think of of ya'll need to watch this then.

    I urge you to watch this to become informed on what GamerGate REALLY is about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green View Post
    lol alright. I think of of ya'll need to watch this then.

    I urge you to watch this to become informed on what GamerGate REALLY is about.
    Also this That guy made several videos summarizing this.

    This has gone beyond Zoe Quinn for awhile. Shortly after that Zoe Blog went up bunch of sites wrote Gamers are dead articles.

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    I know they aren't proving anything that anyone with a brain hasn't already known, and I know they're not improving anything video game-wise.

    It's a waste of time and all people do is bitch at each other in Twitter and then act like they're accomplishing something. Nothing will change. This shit will die down within a year, and people will forget all about it. It's moronic, and it's pointless.

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