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    Default Hello from the Pacific Northwest

    Baby Jaime here. A little freaked out entering my first post, but here goes...

    My first fascination with pee came by "accident" when I was 13 and accidentally peed my panties. I secretly found the experience quite exhilarating and would pee myself from time to time. However, the mess sometimes was quite inconvenient, so when I was about 16, discovered diapers and have been a DL ever since!

    I started with Goodnites, but many times they just don't hold enough and leak, though sometimes leaking is fun too! So, my current favorite diaper is Abri-Flex M3 pullups. They are so comfy and cushy and I love the way they waddle when I am wet. And I love being wet. By the way, the new stretchy Goodnights are to die for!

    I am currently a student and am double majoring in English and Computer Science. What are my goals? Not quite sure yet, but I guess I'll find out when I grow up!


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    Welcome BabyJaime! We're glad you're here. Sounds like you're busy with school. What English Lit novel do you like best?

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    Great Expectations. I love the characters. Tried Wuthering Heights like 3 times but that is a tough one to get through. Am attempting 1984 now, and am finding it kind of scary, but it has my attention. It's going to be a busy season reading!

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