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Thread: New pull ups?

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    Default New pull ups?

    Has any one tried the new Always pull ups? They look really pretty like real panties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thehiddenme View Post
    Has any one tried the new Always pull ups? They look really pretty like real panties.


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    Wear them everyday to work and use them. these are the only pullup i would recommend.

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    Yes we have a thread on them called Always Discreet. They look nothing like panties IRL, but they are cute with the purple. It is so light though, it is hard to notice. I do not like the SAP to pulp ratio since they seem to have zero fiber in the crotch. The crotch is thin with rock salt feel in the crotch when dry. This is the size of grains you could get in a table salt shaker grinder. I think they used the wrong SAP or did not grind it fine enough. It is very squishy when wet though, so some people like it.

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    I use the Depends Silhouettes and find them amazingly comfortable. I wear them during the day quite a bit and they hug me just right and feel soft and yummy. They hold quite a bit, but if you're heavily IC this style probably won't work. Just put in my order for sample Always though and am excited to try those.

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