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    I've been working on a little side business project. Our app is getting close to market ready, but we have a couple big decisions to make first. I would really appreciate if you could take this 2 minute survey (please enter Casey for the person who referred you, this helps us know how much of the results come from my acquaintances vs. my business partner). Thanks my ABDL peeps!

    On a related note, although my business partner and I have the technical and financial aspects of our business model covered, we are looking for a graphic designer right now. The games are already designed, they just need to be prettied up a little bit. We don't want anything fancy, we are thinking simple and straightforward akin to something like the game 2048. Let me know if you are interested and we can discuss details.

    Also, feel free to post here any comments or questions about the idea. I'd love your input.


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    I have no idea what's taking place here...but, I will try to get to the enclosed link in fairly short order... -Marka

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    Answered, just because. Not much help I'm afraid, as I'm not a gamer

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